All 3710 Daily Paintings

Since February 2005 I have painted 3710 daily paintings, that's around five daily paintings a week for over six years and I still remember quite clearly painting my first Painting A Day (a term that Duane Keiser would have, in hindsight, been wise to copyright) . You can see it here if you scroll right to the bottom—a little oyster shell with highlights scratched into the gesso. It seems a long time ago in painting terms (though not so long ago in actual time; completing a painting a day makes the time fairly race by!). The reproductions have improved greatly since the early days of the project and, as my cataloguing wasn't always of the highest order, I'm unfortunately not able to improve on some of the rather dodgy JPEGs I have here. The paintings themselves have undoubtedly improved overall—I think I'm certainly more consistent. However, I still look at some of the early paintings with a little envy for the painter who could so freely, even fearlessly, approach the subject!

I've often thought of culling the paintings down to a more manageable number, but in the end I think this truthful 'warts and all' record offers the best view of the project, even if seen through a JPG darkly.

3710 daily paintings from most recent, top left, to oldest bottom right

Aubergine Maison sur la route de lavande Road through lavender fields Still life with peaches and silver cup Rue Pasteur, Pernes-les-Fontaines Track through vines Spring onions Mont Ventoux, view from Crillon-le-Brave Self portrait at age 65 Still life with peaches, vin doux and knife Demos from May workshops Door, Grande rue Venasque Cherries Fountain at Pernes les Fontaines Interior, le Devencet Paysage au coquelicots Roses on a window sill Chemin de Devencet Roses in a vase Cherries and silver cup Roses in the rain First May workshop demos Two lemons Still life with spring onions Three rose paintings A vase of peonies Still life with Lady bank's roses Pears and silver cup A simple supper Peonies Two onions Lemon First roses Poppy field Track with  poppies House and poppies Coffee and eggs Pomegranate with blue background Lady Bank's rose and silver cup Single malt #2 Single malt #1 Sweet onions and balsamic Cherry blossom Bread, wine, olives and Provençal pot Lemons with blue background Violets no.2 Loaf Mandarins on a French cloth Two rougets #2 Two rougets #1 Vieux Salers with bread and wine First strawberries Cabin in the snow Citron de Nice Three mandarin oranges Jonquils in a provençal pot Choux a la Chantilly Two apples Baguette no.3 Sur la route des Crêtes Fishing boats, la Ciotat The Mediterranean coast at Sanary-sur-Mer Boats at la Ciotat Citron de Nice Jonquils in a spice jar Pears and pomegranates Four lemon paintings Coffee and croissant Citron de Nice Still life with pumpkin Three clementines Mimosa in a teapot Shallots on a string Clementine and bowl A bowl of clementines Still life with mushrooms Pears and green pot Pomegrate with silver cup Breakfast Three heads of garlic Pomegranates and green bowl Lemons in a green bowl Quinces and Japanese teapot A bowl of clementines Bread, cheese and wine Three lemons Clementines, lemons and silver cup Loaf Bread and water A winter evening, Provence Four glasses of whisky A bowl of quinces Still life with pears and pomegranates Lemons in silver bowl Pears, pomegranates and silver cup Clementines with Delft vase Whisky with blue striped cloth Four lemons Towards Flassan, autumn morning Track to St. Colombe A bowl of clementines Roses November roses and Chinese teapot Red wine, bread and cheese with knife Lemons Quinces on a French cloth Clementines and silver cup Quince, silver cup and sweet chestnuts Persimmons and silver bowl Camembert, pear, knife and cup Quinces on a French cloth Baguette Lemon on a French cloth Peeled clementine Pomegranates and Delft vase Lavender with lavender honey and spoon Chili, olives and garlic Clementines and silver cup Eggs, flour and truffle oil Talisker port finish Lemon, chili and black bowl Pumpkin, chilies and balsmic vinegar Quince, pear and plums Autumn fruits whisky and clementine Expresso maker and blue cup Clementines and silver cup Bread, cheese, wine and knife Lemons Plum and quinces Aubergine Plums and silver cup Three clementines New season's clementines Garden roses Wine with bread, cheese and knife Coffee and croissant Loaf Sunflowers in a confit pot Pomegranate and black bowl Blue cup and melon slice Melon de Cavaillon Coffee break Pomegranate and silver cup The road to Bedoin, evening Garlic clove on a pewter dish, with bread and olive oil A bowl of peaches Aubergines Fishing boats, Porthleven The beach at Loe bar Cornish coast Low tide, Mousehole High tide Low tide Breakfast Sunflowers Three peaches A weir on the Sorgues Figs and Moroccan bowl New season's apples Figs and silver cup Above St. Colombe A couple of lavender paintings... Lavender fields at Sault Cabanon and lavender fields Demos July A glass of beer Pain de campagne Road to Bedoin, morning Oignon Doux Des Cévennes Road to les Couguieux, morning Peaches and silver cup Peonies and silver bowl Track with wildflowers Tomatoes, basil and tin of olive oil Cherries and silver cup Route towards Crillon-le-Brave Cinq pêches Jaunes Aubergines A Road in Provence Cherries on a gold rimmed saucer Peonies and peaches Market day peonies Deux pêches blanches Peonies Road to les Bruns Bowl of apricots and cherries Self portrait Cherries from the market Cherries workshop demos Cherries and brass pot Cherries on a pewter dish Roses Roses and cup Strawberries and silver cup Crossroads at les Pousse Chiens Still life with lemons and cup Bread, cheese and a glass of wine Chinese teapot with Lady Banks' roses Cherry orchard at les Febriers Still life with coffee pot, eggs and copper pan Irises Sweet onions with knife and pot A light lunch Three heads of garlic Coffee and pain au chocolat Lemon and black bowl Two red pears Baguette whisky and clementine Lemons Jonquils Spring onions, kohlrabi and ginger jar Turnips, onion and copper pan Onion and black bowl Mimosa Olives, cheese and a glass of wine Self portrait Pears, apples and pomegranates Three clementines A bowl of lemons Loaf with blue background Coffee and croissant Clementines with Japanese teapot Clementine with white bowl Two red pears A bowl of pomegranates Lemons Four clementines Four glasses of whisky Still life with bowl of clementines Lemon and cup A bowl of lemons Four lemons Roses and blue plate Still life with silver bowl and pomegranate Still life with bottle, plate, cup and onion Four clementines Still life with Clementines and silver bowl Pear and blue tin Clementines on a silver dish Three apples Clementines and blue striped cloth Pears Cyclamen Setting sun from the Grange neuve Two clementines October demonstrations Two pears Three clementines Single malt and clementine Still life with loaf, knife and pots Still life with jar of olives, egg and bread A bowl of clementines Clementines and silver cup Clementines de Corse Morning vineyard Three quinces Still life with purple kale Still life with blue cheese Self portrait at 63 years An October morning Sunflowers Ceps, onion and chives Autumn still life Roses and silver cup Onions, garlic and pot Apples, plums and a pomegranate Plums and silver cup Apples Sweet onion and bottle Plums Beer and pistachios Still life with plums and black grapes le Grand Combin Evening from my balcony, Verbier Alpine meadow, Verbier Still life with peppers and onion Below Blauvac Une baguette bien cuite Three plums Red onions Track at les Couguieux Tomatoes with basil and olive oil ail en botte Aubergine Bowl of peaches Peches blanches Oignons Doux Bread, cheese and red wine Near Saint-Pierre-de-Vassols Peonies Three peaches Summer near Blauvac A bowl of cherries Peaches Roses in the sun Roses Road with hay bales Cabanon and poppies Hay bales Peonies Roses and cherries Poppies under the Ventoux A road in Provence Cherries, apricots and black bowl Garden roses Cherries Poppy field, Crillon-le-Brave Peonies Poppy field, Entraigues sur la Sorgue Peonies Poppy field near Blauvac Poppy field, Isle sur la Sorgue Peaches, apricots and silver goblet Petit dèjeuner Sunset, Portnalong The Butt of Lewis, evening Beached boat, Loch Slapin Rubha Shlèite, Isle of Skye Fishing boats, Broadford, Isle of Skye Hebridean sunset Rocks at Luskentyre Sands, Isle of Harris Expresso pot The cafe at les Baux White asparagus Violettes Onion, garlic and a glass of red wine Pastis with olives and a wild violet Still life with Saucisson, copper pan, eggs and knife Strawberries with a glass of Beaumes-de-Venise Coffee and croissant Garlic with bottle and copper pan Beer and oysters Still life with copper pan and spring onions Lemons with Chinese teapot Still life with asparagus, lemon and bowl Jonquils A bowl of apples Apples and old provencal jug Still life with eggs, loaf and jam Fraises de Carpentras Track with almond blossom Chemin vers Crillon-le-Brave Sur la côte bleue Whisky with cake and chocolate Baking Strawberries and Spanish dish Still life with bread, wine and olives Lemons with blue gray background Lemons on a French cloth Jonquils with dark background Jonquils les Heritiers Still life with young turnips, kohlrabi, and blue jug Bread, wine and Camembert Winter on the Ouveze Mont Ventoux from near Sarrians Clementines Three fishes Still life with sweet onions, faisselle pot and romanescu Clementines Lemon and cup Clementines in a Moroccan bowl lemons Pears Cox's Orange Pippins Wrapped clementines Mont Ventoux from le Jacoumet Mimosa in a teapot Flowers in a bottle La tourte Still life with salt pot, garlic, herbs and balsamic vinegar Still-life with whisky and clementines Clementines A bowl of oranges and lemons Three Pomegranates Orange and lemons Lemons Still life with bread, jam and knife J&B and peeled clementine Citrons de Nice #2 Citrons de Nice Clementines Clementines and silver goblet Clementines Bowl of clementines Still life with Camembert, grapes and Beaumes-de Venise Turban squash Girolles Head of garlic Still life with bread, wine, Roquefort and apple half Two red pears Enamel  jug with clementines A bowl of clementines Pomegranates and black bowl Night onion Two lemons Three lemons Lemons on a French cloth Quinces Onions, bowl and herbs with a clove of garlic Pomegranate Cap de Creus, Costa Brava Boat on a beach Costa Brava Clémentines feuilles autumn reflections Cheese and wine Whisky and lemon Wild mushrooms Ventoux, automne Autumn fruits Two clementines New season's Clementines Sainte-Colombe Chemin sous bois, en automne Autumn vines lemons Beetroots A bowl of quinces October roses Two pears Pears Loaf Quinces and cup Quince Glenmorangie onions Choux a la creme Roses in a jar Pomegranates Three apples Poivrons September roses Delft vase, peach and Japanese teapot Garlic and onions Burnt Sienna Aubergines Peaches and Japanese teapot A glass of beer Pêches Blanches Three plums New season's apples Garlic heads Blue plums Summer fruits Peaches with a pale background Trois peches blanches Selfie at 62 Two plums Trois peches jaunes Peaches Hedgerow plums Apricots and cherries Hay bales and lavender fields Road and lavender fields Green figs and pot Route des Demoiselles Coiffees Coffee and croissant Tomatoes, olive oil and basil Aubergines Three peaches Peaches Apricots with blue background Apricots, cherries and cup Cherries Cherries and bowl A bowl of cherries Croissant au beurre Strawberries Lemons and blue jug Roses First cherries Nasturtiums Mushrooms Bread  Spring onions, baby turnips and artichokes Lemons on a French cloth #2 Two lemons on a French cloth Roses in a Provençal vase New season's onions Lady Banks' Roses lady Banks' rose and silver goblet Fishing boats, Cassis Oyster, lemon and pewter cup Morning, les Fougassets White asparagus A bowl of strawberries Croissant and Bonne Maman jam Port de pêcheurs, St. Jean Cap Ferrat Cap d'ail, soir A distant view of Italy from Cap Ferrat Saint Jean, Cap Ferrat A glass of beer Truffle oil, salt pot and bread A dish of strawberries Strawberries on a French cloth Asparagus Camembert and chardonnay Red pear on a French cloth Pomegranate and oranges with a green vase Lemon and black bowl Baguette Pomegranate and pewter cup Cup with citrus fruits Lemons and cup Garlic, chilli pepper and herbs Pear and cup Balsamic vinegar and onion Cantal with bread and wine Garlic, salt pot and onion Three clementines Clementines on a Spanish plate Jonquils Garlic and brown jug Olives with bread and wine A series of six lemons Jonquils Clementines Lemons on a Spanish dish Clementines in a green bowl Red and green peppers Two pears Bread and olives Citrons de Nice Lemons Bowl of lemons Single malt Dates, pomegranate and persimmon with silver cup Clementines on a French cloth Lemon with Provençal herbs Lemon with herbs and garlic Still life with tropical fruits (Rêves de voyage) Pomegranates and black bowl Apple, pear and walnuts with silver cup Single malt with Clementines Clementine on  French cloth Two red pears Lemons Ail violet Clementine and Delft vase Baguette Apples Clementine Cheese, wine and  olives Peeled clementines Clementine and black bowl Apple, quince and black bowl Apple, pear and quince with sweet chestnuts Quince and leaf Persimmons on a pewter dish Clementines de Corse The Macallan (twelve year old) Apple, pear and quince Clementine and cup Jameson's Clementines Rose Cecile Brunner New season's clementines Baguette Pear Quinces Roses in a silver goblet Roses Pomegranates Fraises de Carpentras Roses Red and green bell peppers Aubergine Bread and water September roses Trois pêches blanches Peppers (red and green) Two peaches New season's apple Garlic heads Three peaches Morning vines Peach and silver goblet Peaches Cornes de boeuf (two red peppers) Salt pot and garlic heads Blue plums and silver goblet Three peaches Kitten on a window sill Lavender fields, Monieux Hay bales at Sault House in the lavender Lavender field, Sederon Peche blanche Summer in the valley of Sault Baguette Cabanon House and lavender fields Hay bales Lavender fields at Sault Under the Ventoux Green fig, cheese and wine Two peaches Apricots A road in Provence First Peaches Pear and bottle on blue Baguette Edge of a poppy field Early summer l'Ail Nouveau Roses in silver goblet Summer road Aubergine Apricots, cherries  and cup Peonies Rose Felicite Parmentier Cherries from Chauvet's Orchard Cherries Pear and Delft vase Silver goblet and roses Two pears Bread, wine and olives Roses in silver goblet Fraises de Carpentras Roses in a jar Roses (Cecile Brunner) Two red pears Loaf Lady Banks' Rose Roses in a silver goblet Roscoff onion and bottle Roses in a jam jar Lady banks' roses Roses and goblet Strawberries on a Spanish dish Wild Narcissii Pumpkin (Louis' kitten) on the bed Lady banks' rose Strawberries and Moroccan bowl Clementine Spring meadow and olive grove Chemin sur le Ventoux Evening Chemin sur le Ventoux Self portrait Jonquils Ciflorette strawberries First strawberries Brittany coast Cornish coast The Lizard Boats at Helford (Frenchman's Creek) Windswept coast Finistere Jonquils Clementine Clementine Lemon Pain de Campagne#2 Pain de Campagne Pomegranate and provençal vase Three clementines Garlic heads Pear Clementine Clementine Two Pomegranates Butter Citron de Nice Clementine Two loaves Three apples Jonquils #2 Jonquils Bowl of lemons Rue des Peintres, winter Clementine with black bowl Crust of bread with balsamic vinegar Peeled Clementine Bread cheese and wine Lemons Under the Ventoux Apples Bread, cheese and olives Lemons Roscoff onions Laphroaig Lemons from Liguria Persimmons The Macallan Still life with pumpkin, olive oil and blue enamel pan Clementines in a blue bowl Lemon suspended Pumpkin Loaf Quinces and provençal vase Lemons and bowl Lemons Clementines and black and blue bowl Clementines November roses Tipple Clementines in a silver bowl Roscoff onions Persimmons on a pewter dish Coucher de Soleil Clementines de Corse Whisky and clementines Bowl of quinces Ail violet Evening mooring Ajaccio Le golfe d'Ajaccio Boats at Saint-Florent Plums on a white cloth Writers’ Tears Copper Pot (Irish whiskey) Fountain Quince Clementine Five blue plums Apricots New season's apples Lemon Plums Red and green peppers Haybales Two figs Lavender field, Châteauneuf-de-Gadagne Louis' kitten in the laundry basket House and lavender Morning poppies Roses Two red pears Red onion Cherries and silver goblet Three peaches Cherries Rose and cup Peach and blue cup Strawberries Vase of white peonies Cherries from the tree Pink peonies Poppy field through woodland Track through a poppy field Road through poppies Poppy field near l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue Cherries Workshop demonstrations Poppies in the rain, St. Didier Garden roses Strawberries and sugar bowl Vase of peonies Peonies with blue background Dish of strawberriess Vase of peonies Peonies Strawberries Mandarin orange, Bali Oignons doux Strawberries on a gold rimmed saucer Lady Banks' Rose Jonquils with blue background Fraises de Carpentras Wild irises Lemon in a glass Ciflorette strawberries White roses and blue Jonquils in a spice jar Fraises de Carpentras Jonquils Rose Pear Red pear Garlic heads Sicilian lemons - market day, Palermo Lemon on a French cloth Blood oranges Tourte Onion rose and faiselle pot Roscoff onions Lemon with blue enamelware pot Clementine with blue background Citrons de Nice The end of the Baguette Lemon suspended Single malt Some paintings Clementine and black bowl Poires Martin-sec Olives Pear Red apple Roscoff onions Roses in a jar Sleeping kitten November roses Boule de pain Autumn sunset Clementine and sugar bowl Fig jam with bread and sugar bowl Plums Clementine de Corse Three fishes Clementine and blue bottle Autumn evening, Bedoin Plum, kaki and pear Night cap Five plums Three figs Moored boat on the Thames Petites Lisettes Apples Apple, cheese and wine Clementines on a Spanish dish Three garlic heads Clementines and black bowl Morning below Domaine St.Jacques Sale (part II) Still life with quinces and walnuts Sale Wine, cheese and olives Red pears Two plums Jar of olives Two plums White road Glass of water Fig and bowl Night portrait Calade du figuier, Mormoiron Old masters medium and king's blue Pomegranate Poire william et noix fraîches Roses and silver goblet Delft vase and Pomegranates Pomegranates Farmhouses in Tuscany Evening val d'Orcia, Tuscany Road in Tuscany Roses in Tuscany Aubergine and cup Anchovies Sunflowers Fig and cup Chili and green bowl Three plums New season's apples Dried sunflower and blue plum Rougets Figs Still life with late summer fruits Plums Peppers Trois pêches jaunes Melon slice and ginger jar Three peaches Cabanon in the lavender Vase of sunflowers Peach and dipping dish Peaches Morning near Moniuex Haybales and lavender fields Sunflowers Gathering storm Peach and nectarine Hay bales, evening light Lavender fields, Sault Evening near Mormoiron Chemin de St. Jacques, evening Morning shadows, Sault Early morning, Sault House and vines, Blauvac Apricots la Grange Neuve Courtyard at le Devencet Venasque Lavender fields at Sault House in the lavender fields Chemin montant Route du soir Pêches blanches Three peaches Pepper Aubergine Peaches with blue mug Roses from my terrace Still life with rose, peaches, plum and Chinese teapot Peonies in a yellow vase Vase of peonies Peonies Peaches in silver bowl Cherries and cup Cherries and silver goblet Strawberries from my terrace Peonies in a teapot Cherries in a pewter dish Still life with cup, apricots and cherry Morning poppy field A road in Provence Vase of Peonies Apples Peonies Cherries from the tree Cherries Roses in a Provençal vase Irises New seasons onions Peonies in a Provencal vase Roses and Peonies Roses in a vase White rose and silver goblet White peonies Spring shade Vase of irises on a window sill Morning in Mormoiron Early morning, Blauvac La Grande Rue, Venasque Irises on a window sill Flowering spring Meadow Ciflorette strawberries Two red apples Four strawberries Strawberries Lemon Night garlic Roses in a spice jar Strawberries Fraise de Carpentras Jonquils in an ink bottle Kayaks Beach on Koh Kood, Thailand Blue boat A bowl of pears String of violet garlic Italian clementines White tulips Above Saint-Hippolyte-le-Graveyron Rue des Peintres Morning near Beaumes de Venise Drying roses Roses in a vase Yellow roses Containers with a stub of chalk Lemon String of shallots Pumpkin slice with garlic and onion Louis' flowers Mimosa blossom in a cup Bergamot and blue tin Self portrait Citrons de Nice Potimarron Pear against a wall Palette knife Vase and shallot Two lemons Roscoff onion Red pear Clementine and blue tin Ail violet Petite fromage Red pears Sardines Brass pot with olives Wrapped orange Self portrait Garlic and chili Clementines Candle, Ivy, clementine and baubels Whisky and clementine Vase of Tulips Lemons in a bowl Self portrait Baguette Citrons de Nice View from my studio window Quince, clementine and black bowl Potimarron Cyclamen Clementine and Bonne Mamam Clementine Guinness and oysters Quince with blue pot Three garlic heads Red pear and silver bowl Whisky in a corner of the studio Jack be little Honey and lemon Self portrait with two pairs of glasses Têtes d'ail Single malt with pomegranate Three quinces Pomegranate with Nasturtium flower and ginger pot Nasturtiums Quinces Late rose Pomegranates Quinces Pomegranates Rose and pomegranate Clementines Self portrait with cap and beard Roses in a green vase Roses and black bowl October roses Nasturtiums and Black bowl Nasturtium Two pomegranates Autumn leaves House and vines, Flassan Tuscany and Civita Castellana - Some paintings Peach with blue plums September rose Vineyards at Sablet Blue hills Peach and painting Peach Peaches Plums on a silver plate Blue plums Track near Falerii Novi View from Celle, Civita Castellana Midday below Civita Castellana Early morning, Civita Castellana Road near Falaria Track under trees, Civita Castellana Sabine hills from near Sant Oreste Track near Civita Castellana San Vito from Otricoli From the steps of the  Duomo, Civita Castellana Plum and leaf Two green figs Two plums Siesta hour On Luciano's farm Red house, Civita Castellana Evening below Civita Castellana Campagna Romana Late afternoon, Sault Cabanon Morning lavender The Baronies from the valley of Sault Evening in the lavender fields Cabanon in the lavender fields Lavender fields, route de Monieux In the lavender fields of Sault Wine red peonies Peach with blue/green background Tilt Ultramarine Edge of the Mediterranean Mas Provençal Fishing boat, Côte Bleue Fun at the beach Boats at Ensuie la Redonne Vase of peonies The bay of Marseille from la Redonne Two peaches Sur la côte bleu Still life with Provencal vegetables Studio sale Poppy field Peaches Peches blanches Three peaches Peaches Peonies in a provençal pot Vase of peonies Peonies Cherries in a digestif glass Blue pot Aubergines in Provençal bowl Wild flowers Asparagus Apricots Beets Roses Poppyfield and olive trees A bowl of cherries White peonies Path to the herb garden Garden roses Cherries and silver goblet Peonies on a window sill Lady Bank's rose Peony Two strawberries Three strawberries Monday market strawberries Fishing boat on the beach, Castletownend Self portrait Evening Tragumna Barleycove beach Blue boat, Castletownsend harbour Boats on the Irish coast Boats at kinsale Rose shadows on the shutters Daffodils Morning near Flassan L'heure du dejeuner Mont Ventoux from the Demoiselles Coiffees Onion on blue Selfie Pear against a blue/green cloth Anchovies First blossom Midday street, Flassan Narcissus Le vendeur de miel Les Gargories, winter morning Porte Guerin, Crillon-le-Brave Winter sun, Flassan Le Croix de coq, Crillon-le-Brave Pomegranate Cabanon in an olive grove Winter cabanon Apple Road in Vacqueyras Peeled clementine Vase of red roses Self portrait Clementine Apple on a French cloth Yellow roses  Clementines in a Provençal bowl Manon sur le lit Still life with pears Red tulips Two pears Bottles and clementine Louis Clementine with African figurine Clementines in a blue bowl Whisky and blue Still life with lemons Louis' bouquet Quinces in a green bowl Clementine in a cup Clementines in a Spanish bowl Bread and wine Whisky with clementine A bowl of lemons Two fish on a plate Clementines de Corse Bread and Cantal Autumn at les Pousse chiens Three little fishes Whisky and half lemon Oysters and lemon half Above Flassan, autumn A bowl of clementines Beer and oysters A simple supper Boule Three heads of garlic Single malt Two red pears Quinces in a white bowl Pears with blue background Louis' flowers Rio del Malcanton Clementine on a gilt edged plate Two apples in a bowl Bowl of clementines Three onions Bowl of clementines Night Portrait Quince with cup and bottle Quinces and teapot Venetian still life with pomegranates Venetian still life with two pears The Grand Canal, Venice San Giorgio from Arsenale Sunlight on the Guidecca canal Redentore, late afternoon Venetian still life with grapes Evening on the lagoon, Venice Venetian still life with clementines The courtyard at Mongofre Nou Morning vines Three clementines Cala Addaia, Menorca Towards the Favàritx lighthouse, evening Toward les Baronnies, autumn Bowl of clementines Quinces Plum and lisianthus Two lemons Lemons on a French cloth Plums on a gold rimmed saucer Sunset over Yarmouth, ME Maine coast,  evening Autumn leaves Flowers on a window ledge Courtyard at la Madelene Path through the herb garden Boats at Yarmouth Bonne Maman Lemon, bottle and pomegranate Maine coast Chemin du matin Track past les Pousse Chiens Evening vines Pear, plum and nectarine with pochade box Red pears Self-portrait A dip in the road Three peaches Three figs Peppers Onions Peach and plum with blue cloth Plum and blue tin Lobster boat, clearing mist September roses Summer fruits Onions and blue cloth Two peaches Louis' Beach, Shelter Island Peach on a white cloth Pomegranate on a Moroccan cloth Onion with blue background Lemon on a Moroccan cloth Nectarines in a silver bowl Nectarines The Ogunquit river Headland, Pemaquid Monhegan from our deck Maine morning Evening on Pemaquid Point Dinghies Boats at Mcfarland Head Burnt Head, Monhegan Morning light, Damariscotta river Misty morning Morning on the Damariscotta river Back Cove, New Harbor Maine coast Two peaches Flowers in a bottle Peaches Route d'Entrechaux Path through the herb garden Morning lavender Towards les Alpilles Blue plums Chemin du matin Road through summer fields Three figs Peaches and ginger jar Road through lavender fields Courtyard at la Madelene The boating lake, Battersea park, London Summer backroads Houses at les Fougassets Wheatfield Hammer Peonies and bowl Market day peonies Cherries Poppies study #2 Poppies study #1 Cherries in a white bowl Peonies Track with poppies May workshop demos Poppies in a cherry orchard Bank of irises The Sorgue at Fontaine de Vaucluse Bowl of apricots Cabanon and Ventoux Vineyards at Flassan Cherries from the tree Geraniums on the terrace A bowl of cherries Lady Bank's Rose late afternoon light, Cascais Coast near Cascais, Portugal Bowl with pomegranates, apples and pears Louis' rose Pomegranate Pomegranate and black bowl Pomegranate on a blue background Two sardines on a plate Pear and green vase Pear on a blue background Strawberries and silver goblet Mushrooms Strawberries on a gold rimmed saucer Onions in plastic bag Picholine olives Perfume Garlic heads First strawberries Roscoff onions Clementine Red pears Peeled clementine Lemon and black bowl A string of onions in a bowl Onions in a white bowl Jonquils in a jar Two red pears Garlic head and ginger jar Goats cheese with red pear and knife Bread and breadcrumbs Red pear with provençal bowl Red wine, bread and Cantal vieux Still life with apples and quinces Self portrait Blood oranges Two apples A bowl of bergamot oranges Coffee and croissant White wine and cheese Peeled clementine and cup Still life with Black bowl, clementines and mangosteen Apple, cup and walnuts Lemon and leaf Bowl of lemons Clementines Bread and water Whisky and baubels Mangosteens Lemon Half a baguette A bowl of clementines Two quinces Bread and cheese Garlic head and balsamic vinegar Three clementines A simple supper Roses and Chinese teapot Whisky and clementine Two pears Pear half and dessert wine Irish whisky with quince and Delft vase Red pear Quince and delft vase Beaufort and a glass of wine Lemon with blue background Pear with blue background Red pear Clementine on a blue ground Clementine Quince and cup Peeled clementine Garlic head with black bowl Two plums Clementine Pear Evening on the lagoon Boats on the lagoon, Pellestrina Pellestrina Boatyard on the lagoon Guidecca moorings Boats on the lagoon, Venice Campiello Gorne Towards Giardini, morning Roses and silver goblet Recent workshop demos House and vines Route d'Entrechaux Track and cabanon Track past the Madelene Figs and silver goblet Pomegranate halves and provençal pot Path to the herb garden, autumn Fountain at la Madelene More workshop demonstrations After the rain Peaches and Delft vase Fountain #3 Fountain Workshop demonstrations Peaches and silver goblet Track past the Madelene #2 Path to the herb garden, la Madelene #3 Road to Bedoin, morning Mountain meadow Hay bales, Crillon-le-Brave Early morning, les Baux Summer lavender Road through lavender fields House in the lavender fields House in the lavender Wheatfield and lavender The valley of Sault View from Crillon-le-Brave, evening Cherries, apricots and silver goblet White peonies and silver bowl Midday, midsummer's day - towards les Alpilles Peony and green vase Self portrait Cherries Morning poppy field Courtyard gateway, la Madelene Track through poppies Poppyfield study Path to the herb garden, la Madelene#2 Path to the herb garden, la Madelene Fountain House near Entrechaux Track past the Madelene Evening near Entrechaux Cherries and silver goblet Silver bowl with roses First cherries Morning, les Couguieux Morning near Bedoin Poppies at les Couguieux Jonquils and ginger jar Violets in silver foil Palette scraper Bread and olives Asparagus A dish of strawberries Strawberries Jonquils in a jar First Strawberries Boats at Essaouira Essaouira Fishing boats, Essaouira The Citadel Essaouira, morning The Citadel Essaouira, evening View from my window, Essaouira The Medina, Essaouira Moroccan lemons Clementines and ink bottle Pomegranate Lemon from the <em>Côte d'Azur</em> Bergamots and silver bowl The holly and the whisky (with baubel) Cup and clementines Apple and clementines with silver bowl and cup Roscoff onion, spring onions and artichokes Lemon Clementines on a french cloth Night portrait Two roses on a gold rimmed saucer Lemons in a silver bowl Lemons White roses in a vase Still life with pumpkin slice, knife and cup Clementines on a gold rimmed saucer Whisky and quince Night lemon Clementine and silver bowl Clementine and cup Pewter bowl and lemon Lemon, whisky and Delft vase Apple and quince Clementines Onion and bowl with clove of garlic Two clementines Quince and silver cup Clementine Lemon Sunset, Venice San Barnaba Rio dei Tolentini Scuola Grande di San Rocco Redentore Canale di Canareggio, Tres Archi Molino Stucky Santa Maria della Salute Ealy morning, San Giorgio Maggiore Early evening, Giudecca Red pear, grapes and bowl Milk jug, coffee cup and cake Lemon, bottle and sprig of thyme Autumn on the Ouveze Autumn vines Still life with rose, grapes and pewter bowl Still life with cup, apple and horse chestnuts Still life with quince, plum and bowl Bowl of lemons Paint tube Sunflowers Garlic Roses in a silver goblet Quince Cheese and knife Apple, quince and pear Bottled clementines and a croissant Bowl with onions and garlic Three quinces A bowl of quinces Flour, egg and sugar bowl Figs in a blue patterned bowl Bowl of garlic Self portrait Red apples and green pot Pear, fig and nectarine Bread and wine Garden roses and Provençal pot Peach in a blue bowl Two  pears and an apple Two red pears with a Delft vase White grapes and cheese Dried roses Still life with jug and quince Studio corner with peach Red rose in a Provençal pot Three peaches Quince and plums in a grey bowl Wine and roses Still life with quince and plum Plums and grey bowl Three plums Moored boats at Carry-le-Rouet Fishing boats at Carry-le-Rouet Evening, Carry-le-Rouet Sur la Côte Bleue Track on the Ventoux Evening below Crillon-le-Brave Figs Dans les gorges de l'Ardèche The Rhône at Avignon Track at la Madelene Louis Evening wheatfield Figs and white wine The well House and lavender field Summer road House in the lavender Road to Sault Evening at Sault Route de Crillon-le-Brave, soir Track through lavender Lavender fields in the mountains Provençal vegetables and bowl Boats, vieux port Le vieux port, Marseille Peach, apricots and Delft vase Peach, cherry and apricot Peaches Road near Beaumes-de-venise Evening wheatfield Self portrait Three figs Poppies in an orchard Track past the Demoiselles Coiffees Vineyards at les Baux, morning After the rain Chemin de Croution Cabanon and ochre cliffs Route vers les Baux Coeur de Boeuf Château des Comtes de Toulouse, Vaison-la Romaine Peaches and faisselle pot Road to Caromb Towards Mormoiron Peaches and Japanese teapot Chemin sous les arbres Route des Tournillayres Towards Flassan Chemin des Cheminades Evening Vineyards Peaches and silver goblet Cherries and silver goblet The kitchen door, La Madelene Vineyards at La Madelene Morning near Entrechaux Le Pont Romain, Entrechaux Roses and provençal vase Les Trois Rivieres Shaded track Track past the cherry orchard Blue iris and silver goblet Rose Felicity Parmentier Edge of a wheatfield Morning vines First cherries Strawberries in a faisselle pot Track near Flassan Peonies and Delft vase Peonies in a provençal vase Route vers les Baux Bowl of strawberries Goblet with strawberries Roses in provençal vase Les Couguious Road to les Baux Under the Ventoux Pink roses Peony Four strawberries Lady Bank's roses in a silver goblet Mountain track with flowering gorse Onion Cherry orchard in bloom Route vers le Ventoux Lemons Onion and blue tin Irises in an enamel jug Two onions Roscoff onions Self portrait Ciflorette strawberries First strawberries Jonquils White sands Khlong Chao Beach Rocks, palms and white sand Late afternoon, Ko Kut Fisherman's house Fishing boat and mango tree Sunset, Chanthaburi Lemon and leaf Clementines Still life with lemons Clementine Baseball cap Glass of beer Self portrait Lemons Bottles Garlic cloves and Sabatier Bergamots and cup Lemon, clementine and silver goblet Bergamot with antique ink bottle Bowl and clementine Two pears Clementines and Moroccan bowl Wooden boat Café Garlic head and onions Still life with clementine Clementines on a spanish dish Bowl of pears Bergamots with silver goblet Bottled figs and Bergamot Enamel jug and onion Wrapped clementine Wild mushrooms - Grisette Three apples Onions Woolacombe Sands Apples Four apples Three apples Apples Lemon on a French cloth #2 Lemon on a french cloth Still life with clementines, blue tin, lemon, bottle and candlestick Clementines on a french cloth #2 Three clementines on a french cloth Quince Road to les Couguieux Last leaves Bread and french cloth Still life with whisky and clementine Red pear and silver goblet Pomegranate (Louis' grenade) Jar with two lemons Red pear on a blue ground Quince on a blue ground Enamel jug and lemons Peeled clementine Autumn track Garlic heads Madeleine Red apples Clementine and cup Pear Clementines in a cup Two pears Autumn road Clementines Corsican clementines Cox's Orange Pippins Venice nocturne Rio de san Giacoma Mooring at San Giorgio Maggiore Sunlight on the Grand Canal St. Mark's  from Castello Grand canal, misty morning Zattere from Giudecca, early evening Reflections on a pond October Road Towards Vaison Road to Entrechaux Autumn road, late afternoon Towards Crillon, Autumn Grapes and silver goblet Aubergines from our garden Garden roses Plums Plum and blue tin Red Onions Figs and green pot Two red pears Blue plums Garlic Red peppers Peach with blue background Oignon doux White peaches Route with cabanon New season's apple Glass of beer August lavender Summer near Forcalquier Lavender fields and hay bales Three peaches Lavender field at Sault August vineyards, les Couguieux Two figs House in the lavender Vase of sunflowers Wheatfield and lavender, Sault Figs and confit pot Cup and melon Melon de Cavaillon Morning lavender Track through lavender fields Cup and figs Fishing boats, Camogli harbour Moored boats at Camogli White road, Crillon-le-Brave Three peaches Paysage à  Sault Road with sunflowers Lavender fields at Sault Road through lavender fields Crillon-le-brave Hay bales, morning near Crillon-le-brave Chemin des Roques, Crillon-le-Brave Hay bales under the Ventoux Lavender fields at Bonnieux Still life with Provençal vegetables Vineyard at le Sansonnet Aubergine and blue tin Peaches Track down to Bedoin New vines and old, Crillon-le-Brave Morning near Malaucene A bowl of cherries Roses in a jar Poppy field near Mormoiron Track through poppies Hay bales Poppy field and cabanon Late afternoon near St. Colombe Route de Bedoin Route near Beaumes-de-Venise Cherries First cherries Morning road through poppy fields Les Gargories from La Madeleine Shaded track with irises Monk's bread Spring wheatfield Bank of pale blue irises Peonies and Provençal pot #2 White peonies with provençal pot Lady Banks' rose in the rain Track and poppy field Route de Crillon-le-Brave, printemps Afternoon shadows Roses and silver goblet Blue Cabanon Lady Banks' Rose Route du printemps Peonies in a glass Bread, cantal vieux and knife Quince blossom in a jar Peonies Track near Flassan Cherry blossom Cup with strawberries Irises in a Provençal pot Chemin en printemps Cup with Tulips Fraises de Carpentras (ciflorette) Lemon Still life with strawberries A bunch of white asparagus Bowl of strawberries Edward and Thomas Track near Flassan Red pears Olive grove, Modene Daffodils Fraise de Carpentras First strawberries Lemons from the Côte d'Azur Sunset Balsamic vinegar Apples Still life with asparagus, lemon and glass of white wine Visiting the Louvre Barges on the Seine Les Tuileries,  winter Banks of the Seine Red apples Track with pines House, Crillon le Brave Rose garlic with orange string Jar and lemons Jonquils dans un pot Winter brook Teddy bear Pine Still life with lemons and clementines Night portrait with baseball cap Cox's Orange Pippins Oranges on a french cloth Orange and blue Seville orange (bigarade) Apples Mushroom Pear Three lemons Olive oil bottles Morning Tulips Onion Self portrait Coffee and croissant Two pears Tulips and rununculus Lemon on a blue ground Oignon Doux Winter beechwoods A clementine on my easel Clementine and cup Cabin in the snow Apple Bread and water Cock Robin Clementines and Moroccan bowl Clementines and Delft vase Blood oranges Turps jar Clementines Still life with bread, cheese cup and Moroccan bowl Clementine and peel Mountainside Winter shadows Winter reflections, Marseille Le vent se lève Whisky and white tulip White tulips Bauble Ham Winter morning, Mazan Mont Ventoux from near Mormoiron The bridge at Avignon Clementines in a paper bag Persimmons and french cloth Head of garlic Bag of olives Three Corsican clementines Late afternoon from my window Last leaves Lemon and bowl Cup and peeled clementine Two persimmons Clementine and silver cup Two lemons Lemons Olives, cup and garlic Self-portrait Toy plane Clémentine de Corse Crillon le Brave from Modene Clementines and blue cup Quince with Andalucian jug Under the Ventoux Autumn cherry trees Dusk Ventoux clouds Shallots on a string An autumn morning House at Crillon-le-Brave Autumn vineyards,  Crillon-le-Brave Delft vase with quince Autumn (view from my window) Night garlic Quince Late afternoon, Crillon-le-Brave Clementine and Delft vase Le Relais du Ventoux Toys Quince and apple House and vines Three red plums Quince on a french cloth Quince and cup Quince Still life with confit pot, garlic, balsamic vinegar, bread, cheese and knife Lemon with chalk stub Still life with copper pan, garlic and olive oil can Still life with Bread, cheese and knife Figs Green quinces Track through autumn vines Still life with potimarron, bottle and garlic clove Nasturtiums in a blue cup Potimarron with blue background Roses with blue background Quince and cup Quince and figs Quinces and plum Bread and cheese Four apples Garlic heads Apple and plums on a white cloth Onion and faisselle pot September road Four blue plums Apples and green bowl Mont Ventoux from Beaumes de Venise Road through vineyards, Seguret Apples Pays du Ventoux Cinzano Sunflowers Towards Bedoin, September evening Chemin des tournillaires Three blue plums Red pear Onion Still life with apples and a plum Still life with peaches and plums Plum Still life with apples, delft vase and silver goblet Two figs with blue background Peaches A lemon on my easel Towards Crillon le Brave Shaded road Plums on white cloth Black grapes Roses in a silver goblet Three plums New seasons apples Blue plums Route de lavande Sur le plateau d'Albion Summer wheatfields Chemin pres de Monteux Miel de Lavande (lavender honey) Hay bales and sunflowers Confit pot and peach Summer road Two figs Track through lavender fields Chemin des Castes, Mormoiron Red and green peppers Lavender fields, Sault House and lavender fields Wheatfield under the Mont Ventoux Peach House and sunflowers Cherries and silver goblet Three figs Vineyard and chapel Courtyard with cherry tree Cherries, cake and cup Tête d'ail (head of garlic) Path through sunflowers Route de Bedarrides House and vineyard, Beaumes-de-Venise Summer vineyards Cherries Banks of the Seine Paris rooftops A bend in the road Market day strawberries Wild cherries Mill house on the Sorgues Wild flowers in a white vase Apricots on a French cloth Cherries from the tree Miel de thym (Thyme flower honey) Bowl of apricots Cherries on a french cloth Track under the Ventoux Mont Ventoux from St. Esteve Strawberries Cherries Wild flowers on a window sill House in the vines Roses from the garden House and poppyfield Chemin de Demoiselles Coiffees Peonies in a confit jar Vineyard and poppy field Jill's  orchard, Puglia Peony Road with cabanon Still life with jug, bread and Camembert Overgrown cherry orchard Quince blossom Clementine Daffodil wood Devon coast path Road to the sea Low tide The Susan Rose Devonshire cottage Misty morning Daffodils Vieille ferme près de Mazan (Old farm near Mazan) A dish of strawberries Evening Winter vineyards at Entrechaux Road through pines Old mas near Chateauneuf-du-Pape Farm at St. Remy de Provence Lemons Old mas near Entrechaux Domaine de Christol Clementine and green pot Toy train Winter pasture at les Gargories Clementines Loaf House and ploughed field Five blood oranges Self portrait (the long winter) Spring onions Under the Ventoux Blood oranges Lemons, jar and clementine Pear and faisselle pot Chinese teapot and clementines Shadows in the snow Winter road Les Tournillaires, winter Vineyards and snow Three lemons Red apples and green pot Bowl of lemons Shallot and garlic cloves Irises in a jam jar Garlic and balsamic vinegar Pear and bowl Bread and cheese Single malt (reflections in a glass of whisky) Roscoff onions Track through pine trees Cabanon and cypress Peeled clementine Pumpkin Abandoned house Three pears Tête d'ail à la ficelle bleu Above Seguret Lemon from the Côte d'Azur Winter light Head of garlic Clementines Winter in Gigondas Cabanon in the vines Road in the Dentelles de Montmirail House at Gigondas Cheese slice and green olives Apple Trois oignons de Roscoff Last leaves Baguette à  l'ancienne Sabatier with Chili and garlic Persimmons from le Charmery Dark chocolate Autumn road Garlic with bottle and copper pan Quinces in a spanish bowl Clementine and japanese teapot Self portrait Clementine on a french cloth Quince, pear and apple Clementines in a spanish bowl Tomme de chevre, apples and sabatier Two lemons on a french cloth Pumpkin slice Three apples Three pears Apples and quinces Apple on a knapkin Breakfast egg Quince on a french cloth Wrapped and unwrapped clementines Apple Clementine Baguette October roses Clementines on a spanish dish Three clementines Apple and goat's cheese Tomato and bottle Red pear Two red pears Track and oak tree Confit pot, tomato and garlic Jug and aubergine Le pont d'Avignon Two onions Cabanon Back street in Avignon Figs and cup Cap Rousset La Côte Bleu Onion, bottle and garlic Onion on a white ground Tomato and balsamic vinegar Roses in a glass Two figs with yellow ground Morning near St. Pierre-de-Vassols Crillon-le-Brave from les Baux Landscape with sunflowers Road past the old mas Two figs Three nectarines Above Saint Estêve Upstream Vine covered house Midday at les Pousse Chien Track with cypresses and cabanon House in the vines Track through vineyards, Bedoin Lemon and jar of olive oil Chemin dans les Dentelles de Montmirail Road near Bedoin New season's apples Last light Winding road Moon rising, les Couguieux Head of garlic Road near Gigondas Peaches Two figs Blue plums with black bowl Onion, garlic and confit pot Above Flassan, morning Blue plums Before the harvest Still life with two figs High lavender Track past a barleyfield Lavender field in the Drôme Path to the sea Still life with garlic and balsamic vinegar Evening above les Couguieux Garlic tress Still life with peaches and silver cup White Peaches and Confit pot House and lavender fields Morning in the valley of Sault Vineyards at les Couguieux Clearing storm on the Ventoux Mas at Monieux Peaches, bottle and Delft vase High summer House in the lavender fields Still life with lemons and blue bottle Still life with apples and confit pot Still Life with peaches, bottle and copper mould Four cherries Apricots with blue mug Cherries Poppy field, Entrechaux Roses in a vase Poppy field in the Baronies Wheatfield in spring Market day peonies May road Monsieur Chauvet's Orchard Bearded iris Irises against the house Irises in a white vase Road with flowering cherry trees View from les Febriers, spring Iris and bowl Cherry orchard, les Febriers Road with cypress House with cypress trees Strawberries on a Spanish plate Cherry tree in blossom Onion, cup and bottle Strawberries and Champagne Spring track Morning near Bedoin A bunch of asparagus Strawberries in a cup Roscoff onion Roscoff onion with copper pan First strawberries Babu sleeping Onions in a white bowl Lemon and asparagus Garlic and Moroccan bowl Half a loaf Above Modene Jonquils House with white road Cabanon à Bedoin Jonquils in a spice jar Daffodils in a jar The Provençale cupboard Clouds over the ventoux Orange and blue Portrait of the artist at 52 Above Crillon-le-Brave Late afternoon Still life with apples and confit pot The beach at Padangbai Boat Blue out to sea Lotus pond reflections Evening surf Evening near Tanah Lot Low tide Sailing boat off Dream Beach Fishing boats, Jungutbatu Morning surf Mushroom bay Morning, Sanur beach Banana The Plough Morning north of Ubud Planting Terraces above Tenganan Working in the rice paddies Tidal creek near Tanah Lot Deserted beach near Padangbai Temple in the paddy fields Track through rice paddies, Penestanan Rice paddies, Ubud Lemon on a French cloth Two Lemons Peeled clementine Clementine and bowl Wrapped orange Apples on a French cloth Green lake with water lilies Winter sun, les Couguieux Still Life with blue tin, egg and wooden spoon Apple Clementine and leaf Bowl of Clementines Lemon and cup Tomme de Chèvre Pear Extrait de vanille Cox's Orange Pippins Mandarin and dried figs Peeled clementine Bread and cheese Beurre d'Isigny Still life with onions, garlic, balsamic and faiselle Gesso brush Red William pears Croissant and coffee Red pear with Delft vase Bowl with garlic cloves Apples Pumpkin Lemon Bottle and garlic clove Pumpkin slice with black bowl Road under trees, autumn Garlic cloves Two lemons Autumn clouds, (View from my window) Clementine and peel Clove of garlic with chili pepper Lemon with blue background Clementine with blue background Trois clémentines Corses Peeled clementine Campanile de San Giorgio dei Greci Autumnal reflections, Venice Venetian doorway Back canal, Dorsoduro Mooring posts, Grand Canal Santa Maria della Salute San Giorgio Maggiore Venice in the rain Midnight onion Lemon Red apple Self-portrait Petit oignon blanc Pumpkin Roscoff onion with blue background Road through trees Pomegranates Three onions Red pear Hot peppers Bowl with red chilis Still life with figs and grey bowl Sunset, Couguieux On the river New seasons apples Self portrait Cloud Muscat grapes Two Apples Yellow roses Studio companion Rose Still life with apple, grapes and cup Figs with Chinese teapot Sunset at les Couguieux Still life with tomato, garlic and bottle Two peaches Still life with pomegranate and blue cup The Rhône at Avignon Mont Ventoux from Venasque House and vines, Vaison-la-Romaine House and vines, Gigondas Old route to Vaison-la-Romaine Blue figs and green bowl Still life with peaches and grapes Onion and Sabatier September road Raspberry grapes Old route to Crillon-le-Brave September morning (view from my window) Plums with blue-green background Still life with bottle and plums Nature morte aux pruneaux et gobelet argenté Nature morte aux trois pruneaux et faisselle Still life with plums and silver goblet Route vers les Baux A bowl of grapes Three blue plums Apple and a glass of milk Apricots and blue cup Red apple An apple and a glass of water Evening, Ronda The Bridge at Ronda Road through lavender fields Hay bales and lavender fields Lavender fields at Monieux Still life with peaches and faisselle pot New seasons onion Barleyfield at Sault Nature morte aux pruneaux et faisselle Nature morte aux figues et vieux pot à  graisse Nature morte aux figues et faisselle Apricots on a Spanish plate Melon, ham, bread and rosé Apricot and green confit pot Still life with melon slice and confit pot Still life with three peaches and green confit pot Figs and green confit pot Morning near Sault Hay Bales at Sault Wheatfields at Entraigues-sur-la Sorgue Track through wheatfields Farmyard with hay wagon Street in St. Remy de Provence Pays de Ventoux Peach and cup A road in Provence Near Flassan Evening Clouds Cherries Road through wheatfields Morning vines La vieille ferme Blue cup and apricots Cherries on a saucer Four Cherries White road Cherries from the tree Rose Felicity Parmentier Clouds (a change in the weather) Evening near St. Remy-de-Provence Market day cherries Poppy field, Bonnieux Morning near Velleron House with poppies and wildflowers White asparagus and enamel pot Cabanon and poppy field Vieux Malaucene Roses in a vase Clouds and shadows (view from my window) Route de Modene, printemps Three strawberries Lady Banks' rose in a green vase Night portrait Peony Strawberries Peony and bowl Paysage à Crillon-le-Brave Peonies Chemin de Demoiselles Coiffées Strawberry Bank of white irises Tomatoes Cherry blossom Cherry orchards above les Couguieux Au bord de la Méditerranée House by the sea, Sormiou Cloud shadows on the Ventoux Market day strawberries Road with spring blossom Clouds Tulips and Buddha Vielle ferme à St. Pierre-de-Vassols Chemin aux Tournillaires Chemin à Bedoin Oignon doux des Cévennes Still life with Pear, cup and bottle Choux à la crème chantilly Olives in a plastic bag Still life with cup and clementine half Still Life with cup, chili and head of garlic Daffodils Mandarin orange Still Life with egg, cup, flour sifter and confit pot Clouds from my window Pomegranate Madeleine Mushroom Near St. Pierre de Vassols Route through Winter Vines Palette Knife Apple Half Winter Sky Cabanon A Winter morning Tulips in a jam jar Clementine and Peel Clémentine de Corse House, cypress tree and distant snow Self Portrait Mont Ventoux from Flassan Pear with blue background Citron de Nice Une Vieille Ferme à Villedieu Pear Snow at le Jacoumet Cherry Trees and Snow Road past Les Fougassets, winter Trees in Snow Track through snow Mont Ventoux in Winter View from the Col de la Madeleine Clementine, winter light Pumpkin The painter's lunch Persimmon and Bowl Still life with clementine and silver goblet Still life with clementines Night Lemon Bread and cheese and a glass of wine Moonrise over the Ventoux, (view from my studio window) Onion Road to Bedoin, evening Three Pears Autumn Vineyards  at Les Couguieux Two Apples November Roses Morning Road, Autumn Vines The Truffle Orchard, Twilight Croissant au Beurre Autumn Vineyards, Sablet House and Vineyards, Roaix Persimmon with Blue Ground Moon and Vines Cracked Walnuts and Peeled Clementine Clementine Nasturtiums and Coffee Cup Wrapped Clementines Nasturtiums in a Jar Still Life with Figs, Knife and Silver Goblet Poire Martin Sec et Gobelet d'Argent Two Peppers Fig Half, Saucisson, Knife and Olives Old Vines in Autumn House and Vines Old Road to Vaison, Autumn Clementine Pomegranate and Delft Vase Clementines and Delft Vase A Road in Provence Le Ventoux en automne Roses Still Life with Apple, Goats Cheese, Cup and Bottle Lemons on a Spanish Plate Three Lemons on a French Cloth Silver and Blue Still Life with Cantal Vieux, Knife and Glass of Wine Nasturtiums Babu Sleeping Still Life with Roses Autumn Field Roses in Silver Goblet A Path by a Vineyard Route de Beaumes-de-Venise, Caromb September Road  Oyster and Lemon Quarter A Red Pear After the Rain, (Clouds from my Window) Apples on a White Cloth Two Fishes Egg and 	Silver Spoon  on a White Cloth Still Life with Peach and Silver Goblet Headland Evening Sky, Torimbia Morning, Borizu Beach River at Las Molinas Mountain Water A River in Asturias Route with Cypresses Roses in a Vase Still Life with Delft Vase, Peach and Japanese Teapot Still Life with Onion, Chili, Bottle and Provençal Pot Still Life with Figs Morning on the Seine, Pont Royal August in Paris In the Marais Musée du Louvre Still Life with Peaches Route de bedoin, Fin de Journée Self Portrait Still Life with Bread, Cheese and Black Grapes Morning on the Sorgues Home Grown Tomatoes Fishing Boats at Méjean Côte Bleue Calanque des Anthénors Path by the Sea Summer in the Valley of Sault Paysage à  Sault Vieux Mas à  Sault Still Life with Two Plums House and Lavender Field Lavender Fields at Sault Hameau des Gaps Evening Shadows, Les Couguieux Three Figs with Blue Background Route de la Lavande Dans la Vallée de Sault Fig Half and Knife House, Vines and Cherry Trees Cabanon and Wheatfield Old Varieties Route de Soir Mas dans la Lavande House and Vines Morning, Les Vendrans Summer Road Still Life with Bowl of Cherries Road Past the Cabanon Cherries on a Spanish Plate Field of Sunflowers House and Lavender Field Mont Ventoux from Monteux Near L'Isle sur la Sorgues Still Life with Peaches, Cherries and Silver Goblet Route de Bedoin Self Portrait Still Life with Tomato, Basil, Knife and Pot Route d'été Summer Fields Old Mas and Oatfield, Bonnieux Still Life with Cherries, Apricots, Bottle and Cup Still Life with Peaches and Silver Goblet Vineyard at Beaumes de Venise House nr. St. Remy de Provence Still Life with Three Apricots and a Cup After the Rain (view from les fougassets) Route de Méthamis Green Lane Roses in a Vase Félicité Parmentier (Roses in a Silver Cup) Towards Mormoiron Old Route to Vaison-la-Romaine White Rose in a Jar Field of Poppies, Morning Above Crillon-le-Brave Field of Poppies, Villes-sur-Auzon Road with Poppies Still Life with Cherries and Silver Goblet Cherries #3 Cherries #2 Cherries #1 Still Life with Cherries Cherries Yellow Rose Caromb from Crillon-le-Brave Track near Malaucene Road with Irises Track past Cherry Trees Shade at the Edge of a Vineyard, Flassan Peonies in a Vase Peony Clouds over the Rhône Valley Peonies Lady Banks Rose Le Pont Royal et  Musée D'Orsay Rooftops, Montmartre Le Panthéon, Morning Le Pont Neuf, Light Rain Mozart Letters and Daisy Still Life with Bread, Cheese, Apple and Red Wine Chauvet's Orchard, Spring Wild Irises in a Glass Vase New Seasons Garlic and Honey Glazed Bowl Still Life with Asparagus, Olive Oil, Egg, and Green Bowl Still Life with Strawberries Iris A Bend in the Road Three Cox's Orange Pippins Still Life with New Seasons Onions Bearded Irises Three Garlic Heads Strawberries on a Spanish Dish Lemon Balsamic Still Life with Strawberries and Gold Rimmed Saucer The River near Vaison-la-Romaine Old Route to Vaison, Spring Clementine Distant Snow Vieux Mas à Crillon le Brave House, Shadow and Cypress Tree Morning, Gigondas Still Life with Garlic and chili Almond Blossom in a Blue Vase Oignons Doux Still Life with Red Pears and Knife on a French Cloth A Simple Supper Daffodils Jonquils in a Jam Jar Two Red Pears Lemon with Blue Background Still Life with Bottles and Red Apple Still Life wih Tulips and Silver Goblet Boat on the Mediterranean Evening by the Sea Mediterranean Coast at Llafranc, Spain A Road in Provence Two Apples Daffodils Quatre Olives Picholines Clementine Winter Light Still Life with Olive Oil Bottle, Lemon and Cup Still life with Squash, Chili and Garlic Route de Bedoin, Matin Road to Les Baux, Winter Mimosa in a Cornishware Jug Self Portrait in February Still Life with Sweet Onions Two Red Pears Three Lemons Two Garlic Heads Clementine with Blue Background Still Life with Onion, Shallot and Head of Garlic Apple on a French Cloth Still Life with Peeled Clementine Clementine, Bottle and Moroccan Bowl Oyster and Lemon Quarter Onion Head of Garlic and Copper Pan Three Blood Oranges Clementines on a Spanish Dish Still Life with Cup, Walnuts and Pumpkin Slice Still Life with Pomegranate Quarter and Provençal Bowl Clementine and Cup Still Life with Eggs and Green Bowl Clouds and Snow from my Window Lemon Still Life with Shallot, Garlic and Blue Cup Two Apples Cabanon in the Snow Still Life with Persimmon Clementine with Blue Background Snow Storm over Mestre Morning on the Lagoon Evening on the Grand Canal Murano House on the Rio Novo, Venice Rio della Panada, Venice Daybreak, Giudecca Canal Vaporetto Snow, Wind and Spray Rio del Ponte Longo, Giudecca La Grange Allemand Track through Shadows Towards Les Couguieux Route de Bedoin An Autumn Morning Oak Tree in Autumn Apples Flake White #2 Autumn Vineyards, Nr. Flassan Still Life with Roscoff Onions and Moroccan Bowl Clementine Orange Quarter and Cup Oignons de Bretagne Crête de St. Amand, vu de Flassan Track near Flassan The Road to Les Baux Tomato, Garlic, Balsamic and Confit Pot Three Figs Lemon and Wildflower Quince and Green Bowl Blue and Gold Oyster Shell, Knife, Lemon Quarter and Goblet Lemon, Bottle and Teapot Moonrise House, Vines and Wildflowers Still Life with Apple and Goats Cheese Morning Shade Above Les Couguieux Onion Autumn Road with Shadows Flowers in a Jar Route de Bedoin, Soir Sunset through Trees Lemon with Blue Teapot Grapes and Fresh Walnuts Early Morning The Road Home Black and White Grapes Anemone White Grapes Bank of Wild Fennel Autumn Morning First Light Clouds over Les Fougassets Autumn Road with Wildflowers Lisette Morning near Mormoiron Turning Vines, Crillon-le-Brave Aubergine Nasturtiums Portrait of Mo (detail) Orange Four Blue Plums September Sky Nectarines Path in the Dentelles Two Figs A Road in Gigondas Tomato, Goats Cheese and Bottle Olive Grove (Study no. 2) Olive Grove (study no.1) Self-Portrait in my 50th year Three Figs Two Halves of a Fig Nasturtium Flowers Head of Garlic Flowers in a Blue vase A Bend in the River (study) Road in the Limousin Courgette and Flower Clouds over the Ventoux Stubble Field Still Life with Garlic heads, Knife and Jar Above Gigondas Aubergine Reflections in the Rhône After the Harvest Summer Afternoon, Drôme Provençal Reine Claude Plum and Leaf Still Life with Three Figs Silver Spoon on a White Cloth Three Apricots Oignons Doux Turnips from our Garden Head of a Woman Two Figs Lavender Fields near Sault Lavender and Wild Oats Evening Vines, Les Couguieux Aubergines on a French Cloth House Amidst  Vines, Early Morning Three Figs Field of Sunflowers Self Portrait with New Glasses Near St. Pierre de Vassols Two Tomatoes Road in the Midday Sun Courtyard Half Moon House with Sunflowers Track through Sunflowers Blue Hills Apricot and Cherries Vines and Rain Peach on a French Cloth Chemin à Crillon le Brave Domaine Grange de Louiset Babu sur la Terrasse Green and Red Peppers Field of Gold Route à St. Colombe Under the Plane Tree Wheatfield with Wildflowers A Peach from Chauvet's Orchard Route d'Après Midi Blue Shutter, Geranium and Shadow Clearing Storm Peonies Green Lane Mown Field, Les Couguieux Cherries on a Gold Rimmed Saucer Siesta Meadow with Poppies Summer Storm Peonies in a Green Jug Approaching Rain New Seasons Garlic Boats at Amalfi Paints Still Life with Anchovies, Lemon, Jar, Bowl and Bottle Still Life with Anchovies, Lemon and Bowl Cherries Diebenkorn and Egg Autoportait au Chapeau Three Cherries Cape Trafalgar, Andalucia The Blue Boat, (Costa de la Luz) Los Caños de Meca, Andalucia Rough Sea, Andalucia (Spain) Mo's Rose Poppy Bank Tomato and Basil Leaf Blue Iris Morels Cloud Study (View from my Window) Wild Flowers in a Jam Jar La Garrigue au Printemps Les Dentelles de Montmirail Peony Study Two Strawberries Spring Wheat with Poppies Bank of Wild Flowers Still Life with Courge Above Domaine St. Anne, Saint-Gervais Evening on the Cêze Woodland Bridge Field of Poppies Green lane Clouds after Rain, Evening Peonies Lemon Bowl of Garlic Mistral on the Plateau D'Albion Buttercups Irises in a Vase First Strawberries Bearded Iris Sunset over the Rhône Valley Pot à Confit Two Red Pears A Bowl of Lemons Turps Jar Chantecler Apple Studio Company (Sleeping Kitten) Flake White Silver Spoon Lemon Red Pear Naked Self Portrait Still Life with Blue Tin and Orange Peel Blood Orange Winter Road (With Blossom and Wildflowers) Chemin des Lauriers Head of Garlic Still Life with Peel and Jar Tangerine and Peel Track with Almond Blossom Under the Almond Blossom Two Oranges