daily painting titled A House by the Sea

A House by the Sea

16cm x 13cm (6"x5") , oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 17 March, 2007
Posted in Marine paintings


Yes, after today's snow/rainstorm here in Maine, this is so refreshing! Very nice, Julian.

Really like the strong diagonal composition on this one.

i have to admit to having gazed at this for two hours whilst practicing the tchaikowsky serenade which i will play in cadiz next week. i am a total sea person (so why do i live next to a mountain?) and this painting did wonders for my bow arm!

Julian, I am here at this house by the sea. I can smell the air, feel the breeze. This painting is spectacular.

This just has to be at or near the Camargo Foundation in Cassis, where I spent a semester adoring the sea, the trees, the way the trees lean over into the Mediterranean. This brings back to me the entire village, the Calanques, the little sail boats, all that part of the world I so adore. Thank you for reminding me that there is a place in this world without snow!!!! The pinkish tones on the left are spectacular. This is a real winner.

A House by the Sea, made my day. Looking forward to spring in New York City. Thank you


This is so lovely. It awakens something ancient in me. I want to be there now! Thank you.

This one should become a print. I would cherish it as much as the painting itself.
Thank you for adding a little brightness to our world.

...speaking of prints....Are you ever going to go back to making them, Julian? You could spread, share, diffuse, "repandre" the joy you create so magically that way....

Julian....It is late Sunday evening and I only just now had an opportunity to see this painting which is a lovely one.... it reminds me of the steep hills in Spain over-
looking the Mediterranean near Malaga where we've spent many fine times. I agree - this one should be a print!

Hello Julian, the Publications director in Boston introduced me to your wonderful paintings... this one in particular reminds me of Camogli, near Genoa, Italy... you are touching so many people's hearts. Thank you!