daily painting titled Lavender and Wild Oats

Lavender and Wild Oats

13cm x 16cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 24 July, 2008
Posted in Landscape paintings


how gorgeous is this painting--spectacular!!
This is absolutely Wonderful!
That's nice, like a dream... x J
I've sown some wild oats in my youth, but this beats the cake! What a gorgeous painting! Much better than me wild oats!
Have you met the ghost of Pierre Bonnard when you painted this one ? Barley sugar effect in the foreground, backlighting in the background.Delightful, delectable. And it seems that a quiet river with lavender shadows lovingly surrounds the houses and its incandescent trees. Heavenly. This canvas is a gem.
yes, a gem...
I can almost smell the lavender, feel the breeze... this is beautiful.
La vibration fine de la lumière au premier plan contraste avec la masse sombre du Luberon, le plan intermédiaire, très nuancé, accentue la profondeur, les couleurs sont très justes, c'est une très belle peinture
Julian Why did you have never painted nudes? Not of course in an academic lifestyle ! but with your view; in nature, with subtle shadows and lighting effects; Peculiarly I have close to me Renoir, Boucher, Cezanne and other apparitions who say with me: but why?
Concrete city London, hot and humid : I keep clicking back to this exquisite painting ! So COOL ! thanks. Von