daily painting titled Tomato, Green Pepper and Bottle

Tomato, Green Pepper and Bottle

17 x 13cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 10 April, 2006
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I've been trying for some time to get one of your paintings and I hope this one comes thtrough. You've been on a roll lately. Kepp up the good work! BTW, I sent your address to a friend, a painter of some repute in the States, Tom George. Cliff Moore

i am presenting cooking this very painting for dinner tonight along with sweet italian sausage seasoned with fennel seeds, a couple of big yellow onions roasted and a freshly baked crisp loaf of italian bread with sesame seeds on top. and a glass of red wine naturally. thanks julian

Welcome Back! Another wonderful still life and another lucky MA buyer. May have to move there.