daily painting titled A road in Provence

A road in Provence

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 21 June, 2020
Posted in Landscape paintings


Thx Jullian for your message...I’m experiencing a dry creative rut @ the moment...it seems to happen to all of us!...love your new painting!...I always enjoy your landscapes!....As you know I have 2 of them on the walls...😊


I learn a lot from each of your paintings

So beautiful! Love the variety of paintings. It brightens my day.

I was missing your bright visions. What a wonderful way to return, with a distance view of the water and a dark dip of the road into shade. Poetic. Thankyou.

Nice painting

Your painting is as wonderful as it always is.
I have to confess I feel like completely giving
It up, after I see your amazing rendition of the countryside.
Your positive immediate strokes show your confidence
And experience, and the results are miraculous.
I am having trouble in getting back to the canvas
In this lockdown. Perhaps it’s depression. Just hope I
Get out of it. Thank you so much for sharing your work
With us. X

Your colors are fabulous as always. It inspires lots of us to capture the spontaneity you have!!!

Lovely as always and glad to hear. Was beginning to worry

This is gorgeous. The vision of water, that cornflower sky, and the road dipping down into darkness. Thanks for this beautiful and nostalgic work.

Been following you for quite awhile....just enjoying everything you post. Thank you.

Getting the right kind of studio time and being in the right "headspace" has been hard lately. Cancelled teaching, closed galleries and home schooling are contributing factors. It's nice to hear from you today, Julian, with a visual reminder of doing what makes us tick. x

Ahhh, it feels good to move from hot sun into sheltering trees. Your painting portrays both, the bright heat and the cool shade.

Hi Julian,
I am Walter Waits wife. I am sad to say that he fell on our stairs last June, hit his head and passed away the same day.
I have tried to email you sooner to tell you, but couldn't get it to go through. I decided that I was enjoying your paintings too, so I just waited until now to try again.
My husband really enjoyed your work.