daily painting titled Clementines and Moroccan bowl

Clementines and Moroccan bowl

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 19 January, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


I love the colors in this composition. The clementines look so juicy and bright and they contrast beautifully with the blues of the bowl.
Corsican clementines?!!! The ones in my market are all pretenders. These look like the real thing, of course! Thanks, Julian.
A nice clip of light on the bowl, which makes it eye-catching.
Absolutely delicious colours Julian and beautifully painted. Thank you for this great sharing of your work. Tricia.
The repeated pattern of the bowl looks like two eyes lost in their thougths with their big eyebrows like the upper parts of a heart, looking at the bright but perishable world... Two dashes of red warn us that this bowl is more than just a mineral entity. The daily drama of life is at stake here, symbolized by the third fruit that is vanishing little by little into the final darkness.
Dear Julian, l'ambiance Maghreb, ancient patterns,golden orbs, a chink of light giving life. Anna.
Wow, real 3D in this one.
What a most marvellous painting, what glazing ! The fruits look as though they are made of glass - a brilliant painting, shifting light indeed.
Julian Just concerned that you are alright as I haven't had a 'Postcard ffrom Provence' in over a week! Regards Sarah Orchard
Dear Julian, I hope all is well.You are sorely missed!! Anna.