daily painting titled Onion and blue tin

Onion and blue tin

19cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 2 April, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


I love your onions always and especially enjoy when the tin appears. Perfect subjects on a day when nature has packed my landscape with color, texture and new images by the minute.
Love the contrast of the colors, shapes and living and non living. Glad you are back.
I believe that whatever praise you get, you still don't know what a gift arrives with your Postcard. I await each one with impatience and I am never never disappointed. I am 83 and no longer collecting anything but wrinkles, but I will have a Postcard yet. I really enjoyed your Ruth's book and have had several friends buy it. Love the onion!!
And a lovely pairing it is, along with that lovely mauve background. Yum.
I just love the simplicity of this one. You proved that "less really is more"!! Thank you for the visual treat, Julian.
I love the color harmony in this one.
A nice combo in color - I like the luminosity of the onion, Julian.
Oh, my favorite aqua blue box. So nice to see it again. It's a gorgeous backdrop for the simple and visually satisfying single onion. Thank you.
The emerald green and the bronze are a stunning combination. Beautiful work.
Dear Julian, this tableau looks as if found by chance, even though you say you spent some time "pairing down"! The onion and turquoise old tin box, seemingly objects at odds, against a dusty pink and dove grey background, is lovely and quirky.The shadow on the left of the box adds further mystery. A very interesting painting that had me in reveries for a while! Anna.
HI Julian this is beautiful! what kind of boards do you use, if you don't mind me asking. Have a lovely day. thank heavens we've finally gotten rid of our snow here in toronto. candice
What an absolutely delightful piece.