daily painting titled Self-portrait


13cm x 18cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 23 November, 2012
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Love getting these posts. I was in a gallery in Belfast, Maine,today. Painter was painting one scene, usually bright fruit or farm scenes each day. A variety of sizes. I thought , hmmm, that sounds familiar. Many of us do a small drawing or painting each day, I know I do. I mentioned your work. Some other person in the gallery piped in that he, too, was following your work and said it was difficult to get one of your paintings. Small world and you are reaching many people. Painter in our local gallery? Elizabeth Fraser from Portland Maine. Your 15 year's ago portrait refuses to come up. The little airplane is sill giving me a chuckle. Thank you.
The eye is wiser. John
Another incredible self portrait! These are so powerful and honest, beautiful work!
I love it, it's wonderful!!
Nice to meet you...i so enjoy your site.
I love your self-portraits. This one is beautifully painted.
Wonderful observation, yours (and his as well.)
I brought up both images side by side, and the resemblance is (of course) so strong. (It seems as if you are aging gracefully.) I loved John Turner's observation as well.
Hi Julian, very nice self portrait, i think I think when compared to the previous one, this oil is more content relaxed and complete. Also if I may say you look younger, life agrees with you!
a nice surprise and so interesting to see the younger.....but i like the glasses and the moustache and the more mature you. maybe because so I am too?? thanks, as always.
I, too, brought up the older portrait and looked at them side-by-side. Personally, I found that, in the current one, you look much more at peace with yourself. Maybe Louis' influence? Many thanks for the daily gallery. I'm able to enjoy good art, even when I can't afford to purchase it. I would like to be able to find a link to Ruth's blog, however. As a violist, I find the playing experiences she shares totally familiar. I had it bookmarked at one time, but have since lost it, and have been unable to find it again. It would be an extremely wonderful thing to be able to read her once again. Many thanks! Later, Lynn
Another stunner Julian. It's so tempting to bid again, however I treasure the one I have and it never fails to receive praise worthy comment from all who see it. As a result I know many have signed up for their own daily inspirational "gift" from www.shiftinglight.com. It must boggle your mind to see how huge your fan base is becoming! You deserve it. Your paintings are pure joy. Thank you.
hi lynn, i don't have much time to blog any more with louis, and plus it sort of morphed into a book, but all my old blog posts (and any new ones that may come when louis is at school) and all my musical musings on music are over on my newish website now. thanks for asking. http://ruthphillips.com
The highlights on the nose are of a high degree of virtuosity:a windstorm of abstraction through a figurative oasis of serenity!
just GREAT,love everything that you do, Thanks Julian, It's such a treat to look at every day....Carol M.
Yes, the eye is wiser and it's a great portrait - BUT for me the "Night Portrait" from Dec 2007 still takes the cake.
Julian, I think it takes courage to paint you own portrait and then give a link to one when you were younger. Bravo. I really like this image as it seems to reveal more of your personality.
I was wondering when you would do another self-portrait. I, too, see a calmness and contentment - and more serenity in this newest portrait. It is Chardin-like, which I hope you take as a compliment.
Better! Less Lucien Freud and more like yourself. I have always loved your self portraits for their honesty, careful observation and free brushwork. This one is another milestone along the path you are traveling to greater and greater painting
Your self-portraits always make me happy. They please the whole world. Thank you for now and always.
You look happier, content and are aging well!
absolutely LOVE your landscape paintings -they bring back so many sweet moments - not a fan of your still-life portraits -they seem a bit deja vu - neanmoins your self portrait is very illuminating - you look at least 10 years younger - best 2u, louis & ruth
To keep doing this, to keep sharing your gift with others is a daily joy. Your portraits make me want to hold my breath whilst looking at them.
I respectfully disagree with Juliette Dufieux who is not a fan of your still life paintings, yours are in my humble opinion the high benchmark for amateur artists like myself, it is the realism combined with the dark shadowy backgrounds which entrance me, my personal favourite was the recent one with the old toys. By trying to follow your style on my own chosen subject matter, my paintings have come on a hundredfold, and who knows, one day I might experience the thrill of actually selling one.
Very Interesting. Rembrandt made a great progression of his changing face over the years. I liked the dimensional image of the early one, but greatly like the split lighting of the recent on and the way it looks much more confident on your part with your brushwork skills. Painter's do live the life of sharks....sometimes the eat the canvas, sometimes the canvas eats them. Great pleasure seeing both images. cheers, geo
Dear Julian, the cold winter light hitting the right side of your face, the steely determination in your eye, that feels new, all painters must suffer a bit! Your brush strokes seems so honed and assured, just paint away,Julian! Anna.
excellent self portrait !