daily painting titled Red Pear

Red Pear

13 x 16cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Wednesday 15 March, 2006
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I love these paintings--however, it seems impossible to succeed in buying one. Any hints?

My best hint is to use these opportunites to practice detachment.

Velazquez eat your heart out. My, my. Such lyricism and strength.

ditto the detachment but seeing what you missed is quite enjoyable.

Thank you for continuing to post the images and keep them in an archive. They are a lovely punctuation to my day. I return to them, sometimes several times a day as I work. So far, my favorite month was September 2005. To me it has the most variety of color and subject matter. At one time, I had hoped to save enough for Sunset over Crillon-le-Brave, which seemed to have been overlooked for a while. Your new-found (and deserved) popularity put paid to that. However, I look upon it as a sign from the universe that I am meant to have fewer Things, not more, as commented upon by one person shortly after you became Known and enlarged upon beautifully by Meanwhile Here in France. I look forward to seeing more, especially the landscapes.

I've only been a subscriber for a couple of days and love checking your daily painting....I'll have to start getting up earlier though to be in time to buy one!

Wow, Julian.... another stunner. Your use of reflected light in the still lifes is beautiful and realistic. Your work is a little treat for me each day. Blair