daily painting titled Late afternoon, Ko Kut

Late afternoon, Ko Kut

20cm x13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 5 March, 2014
Posted in Marine paintings


I want to be there! I can feel the warmth of the sun and the cool of the water.....Beeaautiful... �>

Beautiful art !

Truly beautiful. Full of atmosphere. I just saw your painting, Rougets, (Two Little Fish), in the January ART News magazine. Very fresh painting. Thanks for your generosity. CB

Dear Julian, lovely how the sand shows varying degrees of dampness and how the distant horizon seem softened by sea mist. Savour every moment together in that beautiful spot.
P.S. Nice that you are with us again Alain!

The tropics seem to agree with you, Julian! The rich color in those palms, the sand . . . lots of both where I live, but nobody seems to see the color like you do. Quite the tutorial for aspirants like me. Thanks!

I want to be there! You've made it look so appealing! Beauty.

Now I'm really jealous!:) Nice painting.

Enjoy! Enjoy! Have fun in your new surroundings.

When I have nothing to say, I do not comment.

All credit to you Julian, another beautiful painting.

Ko Kut does indeed look a real paradise. Enjoy it.

Thank you for sharing your holiday with us.

Reminds me of every Asian beach I have ever lounged on - a Picture Postcard.

I have to agree with Anna Howard - I admire how you so skilfully handled the "wetness" of the sand and the distant terrain.

This is just lovely! I wish I possessed the painting and wish I was there!

I can only dream - surrounded by snow right now on a chilly Canadian afternoon.

Make that "definitely" an island paradise as depicted in your painting.
The colors of your sea and sand are so beautifully fresh and clear.

Marriage of two fans.
I like how this seascape is laid out in range (fan-like)starting from the end point of the beach:the dense vegetation,the three parts of the beach and finally,the sea.The counterpart of this subtle open fan is the large monolithic open fan composed by the sky,and delimited by the sinuous outline of the hills and the top of the trees. So our eyes begin to analyse the beach,the trees,the sea to finally go towards the vast area of sky symbolizing a restful(but nevertheless animated by subtle variations of tones)location.Julian here has succeeded thanks to the composition to make us feel the alliance of motion (beach,waves, sea)and peace(sky)in a same painting.By that contrast, we have here an intense sense of life, symbolizing the Yin and the Yang.We do not forget too the sinuous lines on the beach that echo the sinuous outline of the hills in the background that add the same feeling of motion and dancing life. Sure here, the hues are enchanting, but the underlying composition is crucial.