daily painting titled Lavender field in the Drôme

Lavender field in the Drôme

20cm x 15cm, oil on panel Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 29 July, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


Well it was, for me, well worth your hassle Julian. Thank you, this wonderfully executed scene is rich, elegant, even tactile. I can almost smell the lavender.
I'm so happy that you took the trouble! This may be my favorite of your lavender paintings. The colors are so harmonious and nuanced. The composition is wonderful. Deceptively simple, the angles lead me through the canvas and back. A beautiful journey.
the trees and house in the background are a painting in themselves and then!! the gold and lavender....WOW!. thanks so much for going the exra effort to send to us. gfs
Beautiful! Structure in the distance favors an old tobacco barn.
Stunning! Love the atmospheric perspective and the foreground grasses tying in the whole. Love the movement in this one. I could settle into a long stay here.
Sympathies for your line - I've had the same problems here from time to time. The painting is so beautiful; much my favourite of your lavender paintings. The tones are deep and vibrant, the highlighted roofs make it all work so well. I generally get your latest last thing in the evening and it is, as someone else said, like having a present. Thank you for all the pleasure.
Thank you for making such an effort for this to appear as my email. It is ,as stated earlier,like having a present. Just wonderful.
The foreground weeds sticking up on the left and the light on the roof of the building are what make this painting stand out for me. O course, the colors are rich and beautiful, too. Thanks, Julian, for what you do, and for what you share with your audience.
Exquisite! The highlights on the foreground grasses and on the roof are just so perfect. The whole painting has mood and sparkle; I stared at this one for a long time. Thanks for going through the trouble to get this to us.
WOW - how little we realize our dependence on things like this until suddenly forced to live without them! Thank you so much for making the effort to post because the painting is a KNOCKOUT! In looking for an up side to your situation I offer this: Your postings give the rest of us insight into an idyllic environment/lifestyle that is enviable to say the least...I'm just guessing it's well worth the current inconvenience!
Well Julian, your public greatly appreciates the effort. Yet another masterpiece in miniature.
So very well worth the effort...thanks so much Julian!!!
I love the contrast between the immediately "handwritten" effect of the foreground and the dense and dark "Corot-like" effect of the hills in the background.And then in the middle,an enchanting river of purple lined with a field of gold...And to build the bridge between all these heady spells, two ears cross over the horizontal lines of the painting,like two shooting stars which show us the firmament transporting a pale grove of clouds which mysteriously pantomime the shapes of the farmhouse...The subtle consistency of a transfigured painting that reminds me of the science of Nicolas Poussin,but without the Temples.
Thank you for posting these beautiful paintings. You make my day