daily painting titled Rocks, palms and white sand

Rocks, palms and white sand

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 6 March, 2014
Posted in Marine paintings


That's a sandbar, of course. Great painting.
Julian, often a painter's brush 'goes on vacation' when he does. I love it that yours has not-- strokes, color mixes and compositions are truly yours. In a place I've never been, there is a sense of familiarity.
The rocks are snoozing like reckless elephant seals on a burning sand!
I like the touches of your warm under painting - and your sense of humor, too!
I don't drink, but why would you need to if you are there? Ahhh, very nice Julian!
Beautiful. Thailand?
Dear Julian, the island idyll continues! The sea and the sky are particularly beautiful against the sand and rocks, all very mellow with a deep glow. Painted after imbibing some "local nectar" at a conveniently located bar,perchance? Sounds fun!! Anna.
So inviting..what did you have to drink? Lovely pic.
it has all the elements then--earth air fire and water--and soo appealing a view for us winterized ones
Love how the sunlight is hitting the top of the palms - let's face it ....I love it all! Sure wish I was there.
Sounds like my kind of holiday! Beautiful and inspiring!
I am sure that now after Julian departure, the rocks have turned into rocks anew. I imagine some kids are climbing onto them. The crackling fires behind the palms have disappeared as they have never existed. May be the little cloud in the distance is still there... Life has returned to normal...A beautiful normality but without the enchantment and entrancement of Art. Fortunately, this little painting is an indelible mark of what happened.