daily painting titled Autumn on the Sorgues

Autumn on the Sorgues

17 x 13 cm, , oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 26 September, 2005
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OK, so call me crazy, but here is another one of those paintings that is taking you on a spiritual journey of sorts. I love the composition - just great. The reflection of the trees leads your eye up into this marvelous swirl taking you back into the mysterious hole under the bridge, which of course, could be leading you on a very interesting journey, indeed. Who knows what lies beyond that hole. It's sort of peeking at you and beckoning one to explore the beyond. Does anyone dare venture beyond that bridge? We aren't quite sure what lies over there, but I have a feeling it is splendid. Let's go.

Amazing. Thought it looked the other way around though Merilee - although you are right about the journey - but I'm going forward here. Interesting. Which of us has glass half full?

Beautiful Julian.

Magnifique symphonie de gris color�s.