daily painting titled Wheatfields at Entraigues-sur-la Sorgue

Wheatfields at Entraigues-sur-la Sorgue

18cm x 12cm (7"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 5 July, 2010
Posted in Landscape paintings


I love your little paintings but cannot understand the prices you are getting. For your sake hope they are real. Are you that well known?? Is it galleries buying to get in on the ground floor or what. Do not know of any other artist that has made the internet pay so well. God bless, good luck and keep them coming.
Beautiful wheatfield, serene landscape, could almost be England at this time....
You're getting pretty dam good! Been following you for awhile. Your work is peaking at great. I'll have to have one before you are untouchable.
Isabel The prices these paintings command is very easy to understand. Just think what other highly trained, committed and skillful individuals charge for their products or services.
beautiful landscape!
...A lot of football professional players earn thousands of dollars per...day! Good for them!
Regarding the prices of the work, they are considerably cheap. When you take into account the actual cost of artist oil paints... I hope they continue to rise.for the only other artist who shows such consistency of craftmanship and vision is Duane Kaiser. happy painting.
I'm sure the prices reflect the fact that these are lovely little paintings done with great sincerity and skill. Your work is an inspiration Julian, keep it up!
......And so we have the first tendrils of genuine debate.The tremendously irritating parasitic mannerist Alain, comes, perhaps unnecessarily, to the defence of the talent. A talent which has its idiosyncracies, its foibles, its strengths and weaknesses and regrettably its very marketable cliches. Does the work really merit the squeals of delight reported daily?Are alternative views ever received? Now, a test of the process, will this viewpoint be given an airing or will what could/should be an open forum be exposed as another arm in the inevitable march to the tea-towel, the fridge magnet, the wrapping paper?
David, I've left your comment as written but it verges on the abusive and I would prefer that people are polite however irritating they may find others or me for that matter... I suggest if you don't like other peoples comments then ignore them, and if you have anything intelligent or constructive to say then do so without resorting to personal attacks. I don't usually need to moderate comments (excepting blatant personal adverts and the remarkable amount of spam that we are all knee deep in). A site like this, that allows comments, is bound to attract more 'squeals of delight' than anything else, given that those who find the work uninteresting will not bother to visit or re-visit. I will now put away my Rembrandt mouse mat and take up my mug of tea with it's byzantine head of Christ and take a knap. Now where's that tea towel...
Never mind Julian. Some place mats are worth framing. Think impressionists seen lots even some beautiful Japanese painting on place mats. All you need is a frame. Only way some of us "poor" folk can afford some prints. Guess once you are dead long enough no more copy rights apply. Bet Rembrandt would be happy to know he made it all the way to the digital age.