daily painting titled Edward and Thomas

Edward and Thomas

18cm x13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 26 March, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


They look like they're made of wood which makes them even more adorable!
Bad Daddy! But what a delightful benefit. It made me remember when my son was at that wonderful age.
this is a lovely study...humble and beautiful
What can I say but I absolutely love this painting. I can see it framed and hanging in a child's room to be passed down from one generation to the other.
Ah, back into the toys! Very nice, Julian.
How wonderful, Julian! This brings back such sweet memories. My son loved Thomas and all his friends. Thank you. And I should say, beautifully done!
Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, which engines will win the race? All bets are off! As for me, I bet on the right one, because It looks so grumpy ! The left one seems sad and pessimistic! How about you, Louis ?
Julian, You have the ability to take everyday objects and turn them into the most magical things. Love the toy trains..the blue is stunning. Karen
The one on the left is weary and old; the one on the right delights in a moment's repose. Both look to be a wooden version that is well used.
Seeing your paintings inspire me to take things around me that have sentimental meanings and put them on paper or canvas. The toys did it! Love your touch with the brush or knife etc. great talent!
Dear Julian, a lovely glowing blue. Toys are always touching, especially old toys, threadbare teddies and wooden trains like this one, where little hands have worn the paint away. Remember reading the stories with their very vivid illustrations to the boys. The various tank engines and their trials and tribulations and occasional triumph seemed to depict british life down to a T. One of the characters, "the fat director" became "the fat controller" when the british railways were nationalised! Anna.
There 2, there 4, there 6, there 8!
This paintings brings back so many memories, that I love. Thank You