daily painting titled Tulips and Buddha

Tulips and Buddha

14cm x 17cm (5¼"x7¼"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 18 March, 2010
Posted in Flower paintings


This still life reminds me of these words of Giovanni Fattori, one of the masters of the Macchiaioli movement: "A painting on a small board, a few centimetres in size, can contain more life than a large canvas!". Red tulips and Buddha, of course two symbols of declaration of Love: the former for the dearly beloved, the latter for mankind. Great Julian!
Wow. Just wow. Alain put it into words. I'm just saying "wow".
Astonishingly beautiful and moving. Please consider making this available as a giclee. I would love to be able to hang this as the first piece of art in my new home.
Maybe you could wrap this one up and mail it to me so I could have closer look. No, no, no...I'll mail it back! Really!
Love, love, love this piece of extraordinary art..... indeed, Alain expressed it so well.
Julian, I have just realized that your signature hides among the flowers!I am wondering whether this is not the first time(?).Tactful symbol of high spiritual plane here.
I tried daily painting for a month! I am impressed how you continue to paint daily for so long! I love this one!
I love the way in which the Buddha seems paired with a smaller version on the delft vase that you purchased in Amsertdam last year. What is stunning are the vivid red tulips with the ragged edges and touch of pink and light orange. I love many kinds of tulips and but the red ones are special as you have shown here set off by their spring-green leaves.
This is gorgeous. Rich in color and texture and substance.