daily painting titled Field of Poppies, Morning

Field of Poppies, Morning

18cm x 13cm (7"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 20 May, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


Ravishing. A calm ocean of pure beauty.
Hi Julian WOW!!!! Aside from the red that popped out when I opened the e-mail, I love the squiggles of yellow on the trees and the top of the evergreen (?) that is defined by a soft brushstroke. Thanks for showing this view near your home.
not a field but a sea of poppies--right on the button Alain. just beautiful Julian.
if this is the time of year when the poppies bloom in France, then I have to make serious plans for next year - this must be seen!
Each succeeding landscape in your latest series have grown more beautiful. Love the warm/cool color, love the brushstrokes, love the value range.
Nice to read you again Eric.
This one caught my eye. I love the fields of Poppies. Brilliant work! Inspiring.
This morning, Julian,I did an enlargement all around and close to your signature and I discovered some wonderful blue flowers! Hidden treasures like these radiating light violet-blue houses in the distance too! Vibrant sea of gems Eric.
Hi Julian, your poppy paintings are stunning,i can imagine the excitement you must feel when setting up your easel to paint such beauty.Deirdre.
not a lover of the color orange, i have loved yr poppy paintings anyway and in particular the first one with other field flowers. i too noticed the blue flowers in this one....are they still iris? gfs
The most beautiful red I have seen in a while.
i would be interested to know if julian started with reds and added yellows or orange (cadmium orange?) and turned them into reds?
I, too, like you Alain, had noticed the blue irises (?) in the left foreground, right above your signature, Julian. I have a picture of our daughter when she was 7 years-old, in the middle of a "vibrant sea of red poppies," near Sancerre. She was wearing a re-orange dress, and looked like one of the gems, blending in with all the other tiny gems. Thanks for reminding me of those gorgeous times.
I meant "7 years old." And I also meant "red-orange." Sorry about the typos.
I appreciate your comment jol. You are a kind person. Thanks to Julian, we can exchange views and feelings.
Hello Julian: I have just started looking at your wonderful pictures and I have looked at the past that have sold. Is it possible to get one from you with nasturtiums or poppies as a custom-order? I guess that doesn't make sense, but I do love all of your pictures, but I would love something with a vibrant color like your nasturtiums in a jar or vase. Thank you. I love this.