daily painting titled Postcard


13cm x 19cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 2 January, 2008
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julian, this is so neat!!! love this idea and those crazy wild strokes on the easel.
No title this time to give us a clue who your subject might be..?
This is a painting of a well thumbed postcard, in turn a painting by Lucien Freud, which I bought at the Tate Gallery show in London in 2002-3. The post card shows a painting entitled "Frances Costelloe" a young woman who was the subject of several Freud paintings around this time. This Postcard has been pinned to my easel for a couple of years and I often refer to it. The background is the board on my easel to which I clip my daily paintings. links:
The Guardian The Times
Lovely work Julian. You can visit the MOMA site (http://moma.org/) to see a slide show of Freud's exhibition currently showing in New York. Perhaps someone can visit MOMA and send you some fresh postcards! Happy New Year... James
I marvel at your talent. Your portraits are so expressive and the brushwork is exuberant.
Brilliant Julien, I recognized Freud...in the Charlie Rose interview, they said he mixes a fresh color each time his brush touches the canvas...do you do this as well? All best and Happy New Year, Jan