daily painting titled Track down to Bedoin

Track down to Bedoin

20cm x 13cm (8"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 23 June, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


Yet another strong, free landscape. Good use of shadow across the path and the freely indicated fence leads us into the scene. Alain will doubtless wax lerical about what lurks in the shadowy trees - always stimulating comments from our poet.
An aromatic moment...And while I was cautiously going down the perilous sloping track, I could feel the tender earth making noise when walked on, and the fresh air burning my nostrils.Just an obsessive idea aroused my mind:I wanted to catch the shadows of the clouds on the mountains, at any price...But will I get there on time?
But...wait, I see him ahead, just at the bend of the road! Quickly, we can catch up to him and go with him to find the cloud shadows. Really, Julian, this painting is superb. I love the way the shadows dart along the path, and the sun is hitting the foliage at JUST the perfect angle. Are we chasing to catch up with you or with Alain?
The road less traveled is beckoning. Strong and beautiful.
Oh, how I wish I could put my thoughts and immediate impressions (when looking at your paintings) as poetically as Alain, but alas, I lack such talent! All I can say is I love your work - plain amd simple. :) I neglected to comment on the last few landscapes you sent, as I've been rather distracted due to a close friend slowly losing his battle with pancreatic cancer, but your scenes, Julian, help relax me at the end of the day and do bring me joy. I love the cloud in the above painting - the way it is almost touching the mountain, and as always, your shadows are painted so convincingly. Due to many distractions lately, I have lost all desire to paint, and seem to have lost any talent (?) I might have had. I hope if I look at your work long enough, it might fire up the "engines" again - sure hope so! Thank you once again for your generosity, Julian, in sharing your work! Elaine
Hi Julian, Lovely art always each day. Today you gave the feeling of descending down the path along with other features like being able to reach out and touch the dark green tree branches in the foreground. Thank you so much for the joy you bring each day that makes the "art spirit" sing inside of each one of us. I hope you were able to see the "super moon" early today. Nature provides many interesting scenes for all of us. Have a very enjoyable week.
Just love this one. Not that I'm much good at walking downhill anymore but sure makes me wish I could.
Would love to know dates of 2014workshops. I love your work
Dear Julian, beautiful landscapes in the last posts. Free and liberated brushstrokes! How wonderful to be living near mont Ventoux and experience the change of the seasons, colour and scent in that realm. Think of the generations of people taming the hills, planting vineyards and rearing their animals. Feeling the mistral chilling their bones at times! The sleeping giant of Provence always there, in the domain of thyme and lavender. Yes, Alain, "an aromatic moment", indeed! Anna.
Bonjour, Ma femme était née à Carpentras et pendant 50 ans j'ai passé avec elle des vacances en toutes saison s dans cette belle région ,et c'est avec grand plaisir que je regarde vos peintures. Encore merci. Michel
Yet another lovely! The fence is perfect.
What a compelling downward thrust! The slide is stopped just in time by the massive dark mass of trees and shadows. This is augmented by the highlighted pathway leading to safety, and anchored by the highlight on the fence. Whew! Betsy Olson