daily painting titled First Almond Blossom

First Almond Blossom

15cm x 14cm (6"x5"), oil on card

First Almond Blossom is something of a misnomer as Ruth has been banging on about it after her daily ( weather permitting) run for the past week. Let's just say it's my first almond blossom. The almond trees are always the first things in bloom though March would, from memory , be more normal. Global warming or not - congrats to Al on the oscar BTW - the days are getting longer and I don't have to pack up at 4pm anymore. Only two more dodgy months to go and we'll be back in the bathing costumes.

Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 27 February, 2007
Posted in Landscape paintings


i've been imagining your first book julian...a clean crisp white cover with your postcard from provence title and one of your latest stunning images; this one would do nicely as well as the recent gardens of the fort st. andre...just imagine!

Yes this would be stunning for the cover! this is one of your best!!! I love the brightnes of the colors!

hey, you are talking!!! great. Was it my comment on the leek that prompted this, dont care...like it Great picture too.

Wow - words too! I love hearing about the reasons for choosing a subject.

Blossom is just starting to sprout in London and the daffodils are coming out.

This picture is beautiful, Julian. I wish I could afford it.

And I agree--congrats to Gore on the Oscar!!!

Your new web site is gorgeous. Love the font, and the cream and white background. Kudos!

...with so many paintings to choose from, I have a feeling it would have to be one mighty big book...

Really like the range of value and paint application on the center of interest...the almond tree. Great stuff!

Best wishes, Deano

Magical. Simply Magical. I want to be in this icture, having a picnic. How do you do it? I adore your work.

The tulip was heavenly. I can't wait to buy one....the one I wanted was obviously wanted by someone else, too, and was snapped up quickly. Thank you for your work!! It helps me get through the cold rains of northern California!

I am enjoying watching your style evolve. It's an interesting journey.

This work is very beautiful; I'd say "joy-full."