daily painting titled Market day peonies

Market day peonies

20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 13 June, 2016
Posted in Flower paintings


I love your paintings. You live in the gorgeous southern Rhone wine area but never paint grapes or vineyards. Why not? Perhaps there is a good reason. Durban at Beaumes de Venise is a particular favourite of mine. If not, please do so. I shall be visiting your area later in the year and would be interested in seeing your work, but I get the impression that understandably you are not open to occasional visitors. Best wishes, Antony Chapman
I sooo love this...absolutely delightful... :)
Ahh...I am sure you remembered to put these lovely peonies back in water before Ruth returned? ;)
So unusual a pose but lovely....everything you paint is, after all.......thank you, Julian.
You captured the beauty of these peonies...love the gentle colour/brushstokes used on the petals.
Your still life work always intrigues me Julian primarily because I have always gravitated to deep rich lighting situations combined with vibrant subjects that seem to recede into the atmosphere. Me thinks Caravaggio is channelling through those hands of yours. Aloha Clint