daily painting titled Evening Hamlet

Evening Hamlet

16cm x12cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Saturday 22 April, 2006
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A real beauty, Julian! One of your best landscapes.

Hi Julian---I love not only the brushstrokes and color, but the composition of most of your work. The postcards are a wonderful, creative approach to painting---i enjoy looking at each one separately, but also seeing them grouped together---anyway, I haven't purchased any, because there are those frustrating little red dots on all your work, and I never wake up in time to be first in line(I live in Manhattan)---anyway, I admire your work and one day will be a proud owner----keep painting and painting and painting---it's beautiful---Clara

Amazing work and marketing!
Will I ever win one! I loved the Lemon on Blue Striped Towel! I look forward to your inspirations everyday and hope to have one soon!

Simply wonderful... love the signs of civilization in the phone/electric lines. Julian, is the work of one house or two? I want to meet those who live there! Lucky folks, as is Bridget in LA.

Am curious, Clara... what time (EDT) does your PfP arrive? Mine gets to OR at 10AM PDT, ie 1PM in NY... I'm wondering if it's the server.. We, too, are left out of the buying loop..too late, too late. Alas.

so like tuscany - where my mother was born. nakes me want to return there. i love the contrasts of dark and light particularly the house in the background. someday i'll have one.
jzh spring lake, nj

I only just found your site a week ago (thanks to a yahoo weekly email of cool sites) and I must say I am getting addicted. I find myself looking at your landscapes like other viewers said.. "to see what the weather is like"!
I have traveled all over Europe but never to Province.. you make it look so romantic I have already planned a visit this Sept. Another example of the influence of art in our lives :)

oops.. that should read "Provence" hit the post button without checking!

one of your best landscapes today but i seem to be addicted to your lemons !

I often wonder what you take with you when you paint en plein air? Duane K. shows his cigar box pochade; do you have something similar or a more elaborate setup. Would you consider showing us a photo of your painting outfit and/or you at work?

Jo I use a standard french sketching easel, the one with the drawer and palette, i have three one of which I bought in California. You can see a photo of me working outdoors here... , oil on card

You can't be 77308 serious?!?