daily painting titled Cheese and knife

Cheese and knife

16cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 21 September, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


At least you saved some for Ruth. A nice "quiet" painting with Vermeer- like colors. I love the peacefulness of it.
Dear Julian, lovely, I can see you held back here, just a slight wedge left! Watch out, one of the seven deadly sins is gluttony!! Anna.
I was once 'seduced' by a large chunk of cheese which I did not need. I was traveling and painting in the Languedoc and had no where to keep it! But no matter. The market in Clermont was wonderful and the seller was flirtatious and my friends and I ate well as we painted. This painting feels like that. Julian. Another simple and powerful piece! Thanks.