daily painting titled Track to Bedoin, Midday Shadows

Track to Bedoin, Midday Shadows

16cm x 14cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Wednesday 23 August, 2006
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A real gem. Hope my ninth try is the lucky one.


Julian, this painting just sparkles! I love it!

Beautiful Romeo!
Your Julietx

My fingers didn't exactly fly on the keys...new credit card...but I tried hard!
Have a wonderful time in Salzburg w/ Ruth. I am taking my "European New Years 9 group there in December!
Happy Trails,
Ann L.

Love the landscapes... I'll keep trying, you keep painting.

Congrats, Melinda! I love this one and may just HAVE to buy a print. It reminds me of the magical "Cabanon with Blue Door" painted on April 17 and sold to Mara Liasson. Lucky women, both of you!

Hey everyone! While Julian's away, let's vote for our favorites.
Mine's "Field of Sunflowers", August 1, 2006.

The Road down to Modene, April 4, 2006

I think I must agree with you, lol, on that one. Field of Sunflowers is quite spectacular, although I really like today's as well. There are so many exquisite paintings to choose from, it's a hard to pick a favorite!

Hmmm, impossible to choose, but one of my very, very favorites is "Morning Shadows" April 7th.

i don't know how you can pick just one! for landscapes i love Mediterranee (may 25, 06) and Sous le Ventoux (april 24 06. for still lifes, i love Still life with orange and lemons (feb 26, 06) and my personal favorite Lemon and Seashell (mar 23, 06), which was the first painting i bid on.

I think it is cool that we will all have different favorites. And Julian's favorites (at least the ones he makes into prints)are diferent again...

Yes, I agree with you, blg, on Still Life with Orange and Lemons. Gorgeous painting. I would also say that another fave would be Blood Oranges from Jan. 24 2006. Such a beautiful, beautiful painting. It is indeed hard to choose!

A truly impossible task to choose just one....but my favorites are the paintings with that cloth with the blue stripe....I just love how everything looks so lucious atop the cloth....

This painting makes me wish I could step into the computer screen and be there!

Remember 'Aubergine and Red Pepper' (April 11 '05) when a woman called Julian a 'hack'? I was mad for days because it was in fact a great painting... That was an exciting Shifting Light moment!

Wow. I never read that comment. What a ridiculous thing to say, and how completely absurd. I'm glad she no longer comments!
What a joke!

My favorite is May 18th. I have the print and it is fantastic, so much better than on screen. Also, folks, check out Sept 8, 2005. Fresh figs. i bought it for my husband for Christmas before Julian got so famous. It is lovely in person, you can almost smell those figs...

This one is beautiful. A little masterpiece.

Julian, I must say that lol has done me a great favor by suggesting that we vote for our favorites. After going back through all the archives of paintings, not only do I realize that the number of times I have commented is totally embarassing (and for that I apologize), but it also helped me realize something. When I found your websites, I was going through one of the darkest times of my life, suffering from grief and depression which I cannot describe. My father died on Easter Sunday in 2005 right in front of me from a heart attack. I tried to save his life, but to no avail. I had never been so depressed in all my life. I couldn't paint, could barely get through each day. Your paintings and daily newsletter is one thing that helped me get through it. It gave me something to look forward to, and inspired me to eventually paint again. It took me a long time, but I eventually got out of that deep depression. I am truly grateful for your paintings. They helped me get through a very, very dark time in my life. If you ever wonder why you paint, just remember this. You brought me joy when I needed it the most, and I am sure your work helps others as well. Thank you.

Oh, Merilee! It was huge of you to share that with all of us who read these comments. I hope you know just how much the frequency and content of your comments are appreciated -- and that you keep them coming.

I must admit, I've sometimes thought "Oh no not Merilee again"! But I now realise you're another reason why Shifting Light is so interesting - and inspiring.

Thanks, Merilee for inspiring me to step out of the shadows long enough to express my love for Julian's work. I love painting and he can paint. His work inspires me.
And yes, this IS an interesting (little?) community.

Merilee, I had no idea. I'm so sorry about your Dad. Julian will be pleased to know his work has helped you through such a difficult time.

I, too, am sorry for your loss, Merilee. A poignant example of the healing powers of the creative process and the sense of community we share through this website. How gratifying it must be for Julian to have such a positive response to his work.
And, by the way, one of my favorites is the simple "Strawberries" 4/16/06. This is a great idea, to go back through through the archives and revisit our old favorites.
Until Monday, then...

I have been looking at Julian's site for awhile now but have never commented. Awesome artist, and always has great paintings here. He has been a huge inspiration to me and several fellow artists that follow the daily blogs. I started my own painting a day blog back at the end of March and can say that watching Julian helps me a great deal to stay focused and moving forward. Thanks Julian!! If anyone is interested my site is: www.miniaturemasterpieces.blogspot.com

Just discovered this site today. It's lovely. What a great idea. I teach part-time and paint on the other days. I exhibit twice a year but the 'daily' idea appeals greatly.

My favorites are anything he paints with peaches or lemons. I love the way he handles the texture of each. I'd love to see his work in real life to better understand his brushwork (but I'm just not quick enough on the draw!). Ahh, one day.. :)

Hi All,
I so enjoy all the comments and,of course, Julian's work. I just wanted to add a suggestion: Try checking out Ruth's (Julian's talented wife, a cellist and writer) almost daily blog. Combined with Julian's painting, you can get a great sense of this fantastic couple, doing great work, living simply and beautifully in Provence. It is full of heart, as i am sure she is. Check it out. It is called "meanwhile,here in France" , oil on card

hey thanks maggie, I'm blushing. Julian is driving back from Verona today and he should be pretty inspired after a visit to the Morandi museum, so hang in there till monday!

Hello Maggie...you hit it right on. They are a fantastic couple. Three cheers for Ruth and Julian. I thank them for their patience with me. I have been abusing the privilege of linking on Julian's site and promise to cease and desist from this day on.

Although I rarely comment, I look so forward each day to reading the comments of others, almost as much as I look forward to seeing Julian's newest painting. And, Merilee, you are one contributer whose comments I always especially enjoy. While I do love most all of Julian's paintings, my most favorites are his flowers - especially "Iris" from Apr 26, 2005 and "White Asparagus" from Mar 31,2006.

My personal favorite is "Mediterranee". Reminds me of our honeymoon, traveling in the footsteps of Picasso, from Barcelona to Antibes.
Thanks, Julian

Merilee: I have NEVER thought anything but, great, I love Merilee's comments. Keep them coming; they are thoughtful and heartfelt. And, just page through some weeks with my comments to know this -- you are not alone!! Looking forward to Julian's next painting and your next comment -- eagerly.

Oh yeah -- I'm out of my shell again. I'm BACK, baby!! So let's have some paintings -- I'm ready to look, think, write, and dream....

Thank you, Gary, for your kind words, and Jane, too. Ironically, Jane, I own Iris from April 26, 2005! And thank you to everyone else for your comments of encouragement and sympathy. The process of going back through the archives was an eye-opener for me. James, there are probably others who share your sentiment about seeing my repeated comments and I am embarrased. I sincerely hope Julian doesn't feel that I meant to take over the site and make it all about ME, I just observed that Julian's work really was helpful while going through that particular time in my life, which was indeed a hard one. Julian, I hope your trip was good, and I look forward as we all do to seeing more of your wonderful paintings. They bring joy to all of us.