daily painting titled Apple and quince

Apple and quince

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 14 November, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


I think you must be the most lucky person on the planet You live a life of passion, reward and compromise on a daily bases. Its good to know that there are busy talented people on watch everyday. Hold the fort Cheers Ross
Beautiful and bright piece. This work reminds me of an early American artist, Raphaelle Peale. Of course, he had British roots, and I admire his work, as well.
Ohhh! Beautiful and luscious looking fruit! Love the free brushstrokes too. What a wonderful job you did, Julien. I'm jealous, as usual.
Dear Julian, as usual, after a bon café, at about 8.30, there is the treat of your daily oeuvre.And I am never disappointed. Your colours are divine here, autumnal glory. The texture and waxy gleam of the apple are stunning, the quince with its curled leaf boosting the overall golden glow. By the way, how about a calendar, spanning the year in Provence. Yes, I know there are a lot of calendars out there, not all of them worth printing, but yours would be very special. Perhaps with the attractive clean font and face as this page? Just a thought. Anna H.
Colors acidity is in keeping with the sourness of the two fruits finely.
Humm ! voici de quoi faire de la compote de pommes ou de la gelée de coings... Merci cher Julian, ne nous régaler les yeux de votre si belle peinture depuis tant d'années . Pour ma part,je suis actuellement copiste au Louvre et je passe des matinées en tête-à-tête avec Chardin ( " le jeune dessinateur"). Dans ses natures -mortes, j'y trouve quelques similitudes avec ce que vous faites...mais votre palette est moins triste !