daily painting titled Mozart Letters and Daisy

Mozart Letters and Daisy

20cm x 12cm (7¾"x4¾"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 17 April, 2009
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Finally, one for all your fans who are librarians (and gardeners). Thank you, Julian.

You knew I'd get around to you eventually!

Yes , this is all i love in one ... art, reading, gardening.... thank you

Juvenile poem
O my Daisy
So frail
So gentle
With your willowy body
Graceful and wiggly
So shy
You are looking away...
I'm playing for you
At the present time
An unknown sonata
But you do not hear it
I'm very close to you
But you do not guess it
If you could open this book...
I would give myself body and soul to you.
- The little cute Daisy was smiling...

Ha! This would look great in my piano room. Or in the library. Just a tad bigger in size.


I love it when you get quirky. x

Wow!.........a new direction!!!!!!!! or not.

when i first viewed it (without my glasses on and before i scrolled down to title, i thought, a book and popcorn!! but i do love the juxtaposition of sedate book and quirky flower. thank you

Clearly, this new work struck the right note! Maybe a "symphonie livre"?

Beautiful, will the daisy come to rest within the pages of the book...

...And for the time being, she is always in her seventh heaven...

The first time I have commented on something on the web - but I could not resist complimenting this lovely piece.

You really have the touch. Nice work!

I really missed your paintings! And subscribed again, Julian. Mozart and Daisy - The day is saved. Greetings from Austria.