daily painting titled Five blood oranges

Five blood oranges

17cm x 14cm (approx. 6¾"x5½"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 15 February, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


Julian, I particularly like the fifth blood orange lurking in the shadows ;-)
Now that is one of my very most faves you've done. Love it! The oranges...with the dark...great!
not sure i see the fifth orange, did you eat it while painting....like this painting 'tho orange is not my favorite color but it doesnt seem so orange-y. shadow? or just older oranges? thank you whichever. gfs
I LOVE the colors, especially with the dark background! Have been on your mailing list for ever so long, in the hope to afford one some day, but alas, I must be content with the daily viewing, which I enjoy tremendously! Thank you for that...and for your comments, also.
I love the orange color against the dark background and the mystery of the fifth orange.....
The fifth orange is certainly under the topmost orange. More disconcerting however is the mysterious trace in the shade,like the glint of a virtual "sixth" orange,between the first orange and the second one...or maybe is it a sublime "repentir",deliberately forgotten, which adds mystery to this cryptic painting?
Yes splendid colour but my eye is drawn to the old painted wood which is now your eye level shelve. Love this witty feature Monique