daily painting titled Clementine and bowl

Clementine and bowl

20cm x 13cm (8"x5"), oil on Masonite Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 6 January, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


Nice to know you are human but can still turn out divine paintings. This is a gem!
I am so taken with the inner life of those clementines--and the sharp green leaves. Orange and green fighting and together, sharp points and roundness. thank you Julian.
The above other comments say it all- just beautiful!
Just lovely in its amazing simplicity. Wonderful use of complements, that bright orange and dark dark blue. Serene but never dull. A painting to study.
Very very nice! I am impressed and love it.
Ditto this is really great. Wish I could own it. Oh dear there I go selfish again. Everyone should be able to enjoy this one. Love it Love it.
Thanks Julian, for letting me know that you too, sometimes struggle with your work. Your paintings are so wonderful I've always assumed you turned them out with ease, peace and serenity, unlike me and my frantic struggles with the paint. This is an especially lovely piece. Thank you for sharing. And for constantly painting and inspiring.
Glad you stuck with it and I am glad you are human. It is beautiful!
fascinating to study what is reflecting in the bowl. hmmmm?? thanks as always, julian. now i can spend the evening puzzling it out.
Julian - I'm enjoying the simplicity of this painting and especially the reflections in the little bowl. I think if this was your third painting of the day, you were in a good place - hand and mind. Congratulations!! It is wonderful to be so transported.
That little bowl is breathtaking! I want to run my fingers down its side to feel how smooth it is.
Unlike the Australian test team, you pulled yourself together and triumphed in the face of adversity - well played England. Test cricket and painting have so much in common. (Our American friends will be completely bewildered by this, but that's OK)
well worth the work - an elegant little visual poem. I find every painting has a moment when it teeters on the edge of disaster, then rights itself as I push to get in tune with its needs. I always look forward to your postings, they are consistently a relevation - thanks again.
I appreciate you sharing the sometimes struggling moments Julian. As an artist I can identify. Alas, when I have had to wrestle a painting to the ground they seldom have the exquisite serenity that this painting exudes.
The epitome of understatement and elegance. Lovely, Julian
I appreciate you sharing your sometimes struggling moments Julian. As an artist I can relate. Alas, once I have wrestled a painting to the ground, it doesn't have the exquisite serenity that this painting exudes.