daily painting titled Courtyard and Well

Courtyard and Well

15 x 13cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Tuesday 14 March, 2006
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I got it? Waiting to hear if I got my bid in first. Or not.

I think, this is absolutely beautiful.

I love the early Spring feeling to this painting-I can almost feel the chill of the stone. The blue of the sky is exquisite. I bought Autumn Light and would love to own more. I'm happy for your success, but sad that so far I'm unable to be quick enough to purchase another! Thank you.

another, Molly?? I have yet to be lucky to get my email before the daily piece of heaven is gone, gone, gone. I must admit, i was once number 17. i yearn for these - the fruit paintings, the flower paintings, these landscapes are thrilling. perhaps on my birthday later this week, i will get lucky.

Yes, I bought it in November before the onslaught! Good luck to you!


How do you photograph your paintings for the online images?


wow what a great little painting and i mean that in the best way do i stay up all night to get one -im in los angeles im an artist also but my paintings are more like 72"x72"

Your works are wonderful. They should be published so your followers can have it to hold in a book format.