daily painting titled Still Life with Lemon, cup and  jars

Still Life with Lemon, cup and jars

16cm x 12cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 21 January, 2008
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Very nice composition, Julian. One question, however: am I dreaming or do I see a face reflected in the middle jar?
Yes Peter, you're dreaming.
Julian - I love this little painting. The greens and gold in the jar's top at right are lovely. I have a small book called "The last flowers of Manet" (I believe that is the title) and I have studied it many times. Simple compositions, and wonderfully edited strokes of color and pats of light on the glass vases. I do think you are in his esteemed league. Your a master as well. You inspire me to paint and pull out the lights within. It is a joy to see your work every day.
Another gorgeous painting from "THE BLUE PERIOD." The reflections are enchantingly beautiful, and the blues, golds, and yellows are soul-satisfying! Merci!!!!!!
Shimmering brilliance Julian! I love the reflected and light on each piece and how you capture the different surface qualities. How about a print of this and the last one with the blue tin??
Thanks Leslee, Megin, Joyce - I'm enjoying these, fitting all the components into a box within the canvas size I think there'll be a few more this week while the weather prevents me getting out.
Julian, I really really hate to say this, and you'll be mad at me for saying it, but I hope the weather does keep you inside for a while longer. You might get "the blues," but "THE BLUE PERIOD" is simply spectacular!
Julian, the color relationships in these last two paintings really resonate. Superb work. Your landscapes are terrific too, but seeing this still-life makes me hope the weather keeps you in awhile longer!
Julian, Beautiful color. You have found so many colors and values in the glass. Great contrasts, love your latest work. I also love your landscapes.
Thanks Don, Stephen, I appreciate your comments - there'll be plenty of inside work in the next few months.
Julian, I'm a big fan of yours. These last two paintings are really sweet. Thanks for sharing!