daily painting titled Courtyard at la Madelene

Courtyard at la Madelene

20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 21 July, 2016
Posted in Landscape paintings


Julian can I come over and sip my coffee in this courtyard with you? Splendid lighting situation and what a lovely day it is! Masterfully done. Much Aloha Clint
Love the light!
How delicate. How lovely. Elinor
Lovely...love the colours... :)
Each painting is another ravishing play of light. Herewith you have captured the spirit of Provence........
Charming dance of Provencal Light............
I do love these peeking thru the doorway.....
Oh the promise of something beyond, it's delightful.
Stunning and wonderful memories.
A moment beautifully captured.
Love the light!
I also adore doing plein air painting, and therefore feel myself a kindredsoul. Love the light most of all in your painting, I did two small pieces this morning in my studio located in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut USA. I always learn a great deal from looking at other artist's work. That is, artists who are in command pf their craft, (you, definitely being quite masterful). Cheers, Thea I
I can almost hear the cicadas