daily painting titled Garlic and Moroccan bowl

Garlic and Moroccan bowl

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 13 March, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


Although I've not registered and am not really in a position to bid for any of your work (much as I'd like to!) - the mobile friendly pages look great on a Blackberry Torch. Your small domestic still life paintings are a delight and an inspiration.
Brightened up my evening. Thanks.
A peaceful coexistence between ardour and quiescence.A very lively still life.
This is as serene as a Morandi. Just beautiful. Come to NC for some wonderful Spring weather - 80o today. What is the name of the your friend who has supplied some of the pottery you've used in your paintings?
Thanks Malcolm, good to know!
Thanks Fran, I like to think of the relationship between pottery and paintings as being a little like that between literature and films, you don't necessarily need great pottery to make a good painting. This for example, is a real dime store Moroccan bowl, available at any backstreet grocers in Marseille (and elsewhere), it's the color and shape that make it so useful in a painting. Of course the friend you are referring to is David Garland, his pots are wonderful, some are real art and deservedly cost much more than my paintings! I mostly use his 'tableware' the humble end of his production, but would give my eye teeth for some pieces
What a delightful still life! I simply love the subtle variations of color you've used for the garlic, and the muted tones are nicely set off by that band of green.
Love all your paintings. Just tried to register as a friend but they will not accept my address. Comes from living in such a small place with the natives I guess. Never had any trouble with Amazon. They can even find this place when I order. Maybe I should learn to speak French. Off to Quebec for me I guess. All the best to you. PS Very very windy here too. So far power still on.
Hi Julian Thank you for the references to David Garland's sites. You seem to have an interest in pottery. Ceramiscists/potters are very much concerned with shape, texture and colour. I would say that this often surfaces in your paintings as well. I see it in both the still life images and in the landscapes especially those lean toward being impressions. What I really like are your depictions of buildings in this mode.
A pleasure, David is a great artist