daily painting titled Evening near Entrechaux

Evening near Entrechaux

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 8 June, 2015
Posted in Landscape paintings


Absolutely beautiful. Just editing my own humble efforts from last week and reminiscing!
Love how you captured the sunlight and the shadows, Julian. I'd like to walk down that lane.
Lovely! The light is wonderful, and I like the way the trees in the foreground guide you down the path.
Makes me wish I were back in Provence. The colors are so ripe and beautiful I can feel the sunlight and fresh air.
Enchanting patchwork of luminous and pastel colors. Your painting, Julian, is like a piece of mozartien music that we want to listen to endlessly...And what about that pair of piercing red that magnificently resonates with the complementary turquoise of the shutter. Amazing. No real need of signature here: all that painting exemplifies who you are.
Julian - I like it (great perspective)!
So lovely. Hoping I can come for a workshop some day soon. And wondering what colors you have on your palette? Thank you for all the stunnin paintings in my inbox.
Hi Julian , love the sunlight in the trees! Beautiful work. I wonder if the people who have attended your workshop realize their privilege and good fortune to have been under your tutelage. You my friend are a modern day master. Thank you so much for continuing to share your art! Craig