daily painting titled Flowers in a bottle

Flowers in a bottle

14cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 14 August, 2016
Posted in Flower paintings


I love the contrast of light and dark. Bravo!
Having tried to emulate your style in a few modest paintings, I truly appreciate your incredible talent. Genius.
Don't know which I envy most, your beautiful roses or the fact you're in Greenport, isn't Long Island a great place to be in the summer.....enjoy....if you can get over to the Hamptons try.....a different look to Long Island completely.
Lovely work - as usual. I heard your radio interview (midnight Sydney time) and enjoyed your comments. Unless there were listeners in Tasmania or Western Australia I'd like to claim the award as the most distant listener in the world!
Julian this is just gorgeous!!!
Lyrical! I want the see the video if you painting this one- especially if it's quick!😜 Seriously, would like to view
The glass with its light is truly beautiful.
Your still life's are all so beautiful! The roses are lovely!
I was so surprised to hear you were in the USA. If you ever do another trip here, I would love to sign up for a class.
Beautiful lisianthus!