daily painting titled Figs


20cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 18 August, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


I like this rough brush stroke very much, It lends body and the relation of the purple and the background with their contrasting colors is exciting. keep it up! You know I love the opposites in art, and this pleases me as a most unexpected exampleof the Siegel Theory of Opposites, dk
we left the city without any figs so we'll have to track some down for the duration of our delicious 2 week sojourn in the U.S. Berkshires--what will we eat with the St. Andre semi-soft cheese? a quick job, yes, but oh those mauves....
I love all of your still lifes. In fact, I love all of your paintings!
The marriage between blue and raw sienna. A work as sensitive and delicate as some Morandi still lifes. In fact, fruits here as an equivalence of Morandi's boxes. And an unsteady picture too as the uncertain table with its horizontal broken edge, seeming to yield under the ridiculously low figs weight: a symbolic language of our life: fragile, so fragile...perishable, fleeting; and beautiful and eventful too as that deeply touching painting. The central fig as a mirror image of our nocturnal dreams... All the sensitiveness of the artist is in this little piece of mute colours and sputtering shapes.