daily painting titled Still Life with Cherries and Silver Goblet

Still Life with Cherries and Silver Goblet

33cm x22cm (13"x8½"), oil on stretched linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 15 May, 2009
Posted in Still life paintings


Gripping, the reflection through the mug.Like a picture breaking, disrupting the wide dark background, as if the darkness contained hidden other mysterious worlds...As if the artist invited us to discover his daily universe,his golden space both luminous, dazzling and shadowed...I feel I am hearing the brushes rubbing against a new canvas..
I can see why this has sold. It is beautifully composed with artful lighting, and mysterious reflections. Good luck to you on your renovation. Ruth is wise to get out.
...completed there...
This is my favorite of the cherries series. It is an extra special painting when the viewer is aware and can sense time moving within the painting. I think it relates to the way light is reflected within a composition. Anyway, this one has that special something. Terrific job!
Julian, I think this and all the other recent cherry paintings are absolutley beautiful. Very simple, dark, and very sophisticated. Thanks. Neil.