daily painting titled Lavender fields near Sault

Lavender fields near Sault

17cm x 12cm , oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Sunday 16 July, 2006
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So funny you should paint lavender fields. I was wondering about two days ago while watering my own lavender, if you ever paint lavender fields, and how lovely they would be. This is really beautiful! I love the lavenders, which of course is my favorite color! Thank you for picking up on my thoughts...

I just got home from visiting Sault and the lavender fields. I love the painting!!!

I can see and smell the refreshing Lavender! Wish I were there. JMV

Parfum of lavender on a hot day - How refreshing!

Hey, that's where our two slobbering dogs were born, both their fancypants names ending in "du pays des lavandes".

The fragrance has since worn off.

That's probably why they're so excitable Gail, they miss the soporific effect of the lavender

Love the composition. Have painted in the area twice and think it is the best!

Could you make this one available as a print?