daily painting titled The Butt of Lewis, evening

The Butt of Lewis, evening

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 30 April, 2022
Posted in Marine paintings


I've always enjoyed your still lifes, but I'm loving the landscapes, too!
Looks like two clenched fists!
I’ve been following your work for years. Watching with pleasure your development. I love your paintings. Envious! And today I wanted to thank you for teaching me about Fulmars. A new word … the beautiful creatures and what they sound like, too. I googled the new word for me. Please let know if you will ever come to Alexandria, Va. — Call on The Principle Gallery on King Street. The owner is Michelle. I wonder if you could dado a demo, or teach a class there? Best wishes, Elizabeth Richter Alexandria, VA 22314 Could you teach online, privately ?— Could I afford that? Could I show you a few paintings - and have you critique them? I’m quite reclusive these days. Depression. I feel great pleasure from studying your brushstrokes and your set ups … Thank you!!!
Dear Julian - It almost looks like you sneaked Louis into the picture, in the lower right corner just above and to the right of your signature. He is wearing yellow galoshes and is looking out to sea. Or maybe I am imagining that. (It would be fun, though.) Best regards to you all, and stay safe! Bartow
This is lovely.
Bellissima quell'acqua marina che si sta preparando a una calma notte primaverile!

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