daily painting titled Clementine on a french cloth

Clementine on a french cloth

14cm x 16cm (approx 5½"x6"), oil on panel Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 8 November, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


Beautiful composition of the subject, Julian.
I just looked up the one from 2005. So interesting how more masterful your work is now. Also interesting to see almost the same pose. Did you do that on purpose or just intuitively, a pose that pleases.
Need to buy yourself a new cloth! Nice, but you use it too much.
Vibrant and lovely.
Hi Julian, I very much disagree with Lola!!!!! I love the french cloth and your compositions using it. This painting is just so lovely as was yesterdays'!!!!!!
Sigh. I remember the 2005 piece. I had finally saved up enough cash to liberate one -- back when they were $100 and often went unsold for weeks at a time. Then there was that NY times article ... And all heck broke loose. Sigh. Still love the work though.
I love seeing old familiar objects. The French cloth with the blue stripe and the orange clementine reminds me how long I have been following your brilliant career.
Mouth-watering painting. This clementine is so tempting as I can(it is absolutely certain!)eat it...with the peel!
I LOVE these beautiful linen cloths with the gorgous blue stripes and have been hunting for them for years here in Australia and online. I also love it when you use them in your paintings....always makes me happy. Please keep doing so.
It is lovely Julian. I'll say it again, God has blessed you with a great talent - thank you for sharing it so generously with all of us.
and proust's madeleine.....????