daily painting titled Trois oignons de Roscoff

Trois oignons de Roscoff

16cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 5 December, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


An indescribable feeling of beauty and tenderness.As soft as cherubs skin. O what a tender and delicate kiss given by the onion with ponytail to the lucky onion on the right!The onion behind them looks so protective and affectionate. A marvellous still life made by a tenderhearted artist.
These are beautiful. The soft light is just wonderful and the composition carries me around and around. They inspire me to cook and to paint!
Morning or afternoon...your paintings are equally gorgeous!!! What magnificent auras of roses, pinks, lilacs, light browns et alia. I would hate to have to cut into any of them that were so beautiful. But in the kitchen they ARE beautiful. You always make me appreciate reality from your representations thereof!
A wedding scene! That's where this painting and Alain's comment led me. The Roscoff onion on the left with the curly 'ponytail' and rose /gold colours is particularly eye catching.
It hasn't effected your work!
No one would guess your painting discomfort with the new situation. Your canvas simply glows with life and color.
What a charming analogy! I always love to read Alain's wonderfully considered comments about Julian's wonderfully considered paintings.
very nice Julian. Courage, strength are my wish for you.
Great as ever Julian wherever you face! Tou are just great! Love your style!
It is hard to change your routine, but I love the results!
Your studio's orientation has changed, and yet, the paintings are phenomenal as ever.
Your paintings make my day and remind me to wonder at the extraordinary in the mundane of everyday life..Thank you Julian for both east and west.
Lovely! I understand your problem only too well, but you seem to be coping marvellously.
Julian, I am reading for the first time the wonderful book of Robert Henri,"The Art of Spirit"(published in 1923);I think it essential to me to better "understand" painting;he said:"Brushstrokes carry a message whether you will it or not.The stroke is just like the artist at the time he makes it.All the certainties,all the uncertainties,all the bigness of his spirit and all the littlenesses are in it"...."The stroke which marks the path of a rocket into the sky may be only a few inches long, but the spirit of the artist has traveled a thousand feet at the moment he made the stroke." I can't say better to define your art.
Happy to see the Roscoff onions again this season -- good in any light. AND I second Alain's comment.
Hi Julian: I see that neither the fire or the change in light source has put a dent in your paintings. I have mde a temporary switch from pastel to water-based oils and I can relate to your concerns. But, as you have demonstrated, the will and the talent wins out!
A wonderful painting indeed! beautifully placed and the perfect colour all make this a great work. Thank you Jlian for sharing with all of us this joy.
Sumptuous pink glow--like classical ballerinas in pink tutu's.