daily painting titled Enamel jug and onion

Enamel jug and onion

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 7 January, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


Lovely texture, Julian!
The subtle softness of the greys in this little jewel have charmed me completely. And the small onion sets them off perfectly. Thank you.
I did not know how to respond to yesterday's gift. My clementines never come in such glorious wrappings and I was a tad jealous! Seriously, your switch from yesterday's delicate rendering to today's hard surface in all it's years of use is what keeps us awed and excited about what paintings can be. I thank you, sir!
Apologies for the repeats. We are in the middle of our coldest days in a decade and I am way in a rural area which doesn't always connect with my server. Not a good excuse, huh?
Hi Julian , beautiful painting I love the grey/white of the enamel with the blue edge. Reminds me of going to church functions with my Mom when I was young , they had many tea pots like this. Red Rose , only in Canada eh!! Thanks Craig
Dear Julian,looks like a typical French enamel coffee pot of yesteryear. A coveted item for followers of le style "shabby chic". Here,the chipped and gently rusting coffee pot(spot on) and the humble onion by it's base invites dreamy contemplation of a different kind. Anna.
a beautiful jug and a beautiful painting. Loving the blue edge midst all those greys.
I love the calmness and quiet in this painting, Julian.
and why has no one given a shout to say that the onion sprout mimics the spout? it's a lively dance they do!
and more: like a tango, all legs intertwining
Katherine in NYC: I love your little poem about the Kettle's spout and the onion's sprout. I kept looking at this delightful painting and could not have expressed my delight better. Thank you both Julien and Katherine.