daily painting titled Cherries


20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 8 June, 2019
Posted in Still life paintings


I love your paintings and the cherries are gorgeous. I can nearly taste them. Anne
Months and paintings have passed here on my gmail. And suddenly I am enchanted by "Cherries." I can almost taste them. They take me back to a house we leased in the summer of 1968 on the outskirts of Frankfurt, am Main, West Germany. The street was Goldsteinstrass. All the houses had walls around them - up the street from our house there was a cherry tree dipping its branches over the wall, down nearly to the sidewalk. It was full of cherries, so heavy. There was even a ladder placed up into the tree, on the sidewalk side of the wall. At that time I had two small, lively sons - and I was expecting a third come winter. I can see those little boys disappearing up into the cherry tree, and coming home later, satiated with cherries. Their lips and chins and shirt fronts covered in juice. So very long ago.
Lovely! You could however be forgiven if you painted the green cherry cart from a photograph!
Exactly--photos are a time-tested painting aid in any case! Your latest cherries are the most succulent and mouth watering I've seen for an age.
Wonderful, Julian. I can imagine the cart but you’d end up with a winner should you risk painting it.😉
A marvellous painting Julian, you are the master of colour, the cherries look as though they are made from Murano glass. All the best from a fellow artist in England.