daily painting titled Refections in a Stream

Refections in a Stream

11cm x 16cm (4"x6"), oil on card
Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 26 April, 2007
Posted in Landscape paintings



Julian, this is GORGEOUS!! a new direction for you. The mood it creates has such psychological depth -- it's not just trees and a stream, it's darkness and hope. I love your work; your emails are the highlight of my workday.

This reminds me so much of a "Nature" program I saw on PBS years ago. The episode was called "Tom's River." It was about a river keeper in England. I remember the reflections of the overhanging trees so vividly. I loved that show. This has so much of that same feeling. A great memory. Great work.

Julian, this is superb!! It was great spending time with you and Ruth. Good luck in your endeavors. Thanks again for the great hospitality while in Provence.

What glorious greens, like a soothing balm, so rich and deep and green, lush and velvety.

Just beautiful! You have your style pretty well nailed! I probably enjoy your still-life a fraction more than your land-scape.

Hi Julian How delightful it has been to follow spring in your landscapes. Looking at reflections in water shifts our perceptions of the space we are in. Your painting encourages us to pause and look and is, therefore, a soothing experience. Thank you for creating this rich, mysterious image. Barbara

Wow. Nice, cool, and refreshing in the shade.
Not what I was expecting at all.