daily painting titled Quince and cup

Quince and cup

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 20 October, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


David's work is very nice and as always...your work is beautiful.
You did a GREAT job representing David's ceramic work - just impeccable!
JUlian, You are a great artist.!!! this is Stunning, I have never eaten a quince before, but your painting makes me want to eat the one you painted. Enjoy your sunday, Tish Smith.
I don't know who David is but your brush strokes, your paintings, compositions etc... Are gorgeous, every time. Really beautiful.
That quince is earning its keep!Re brush stroke--- you have also to add the effects of light on the glaze which he did not. Dont see how it would be possible for you to do it in a single brush stroke. looks and nice bug cup for morning coffee.
Ooops saw 'bug' cup too late! ha1 ha!
Morning Julian, Your quince really does (as Shakespeare specifically requests via Bottom!) come to the point!! Exquisitely. I've never considered a painter painting another painter's brushstrokes before. It's lovely. Thanks. (I really will have to get a more demanding coffee cup.)
Dear Julian, I simply must make a comment (a first) on your latest quince paintings. They are magnificent! All that has gone before, historically, in painting, Chardin et al, is somehow captured in your glorius quinces. Your ability to hit the exact note of colour, the spark of the highlights and the velvety dark infinity behind...your paintings are music and poetry as well! I could go on....! Anna.
The big blue and black commas are both spellbinding like wings of a butterfly!
The beautiful thing about painting is that you don't have to copy what you see (we have photographs for that), you need only represent it. Your paintings are beautiful depictions of what you behold with your wonderful eyes and your talent for cropping and color. Your gift is in sharing with the rest of the world. Thank you as always!
Please come to Texas and give me a painting lesson, Julian! Come and stay in my humble town, eat frozen yogurt, watch some football, visit my Montessori schoolroom. Admit it, you need to do this. You know you've been wanting to. Sue