daily painting titled Tulips in a jam jar

Tulips in a jam jar

13cm x 19cm (5"x7½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 31 January, 2010
Posted in Flower paintings


Love the way these come forward out of the darkness, beautiful!
Great piece, Julian. And I love the title, too!
Julian, this is lovely....:-)
Delightful thin layers of cobalt blue between the stems and on the surface of the water singing with the horizontal burnt sienna in the jam jar!
Great job, Julian! love how the hot pink is contained in the center of the flowers.
What a beautiful painting. I just heard about your work from two friends who are artists here in Canada and admire your work. I see why they visit your page regularly. I look forward to seeing your future posts! Your work is inspiring. Happy Painting, Annie