daily painting titled Peach and cup

Peach and cup

13cm x 12cm (5"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 30 June, 2010
Posted in Still life paintings


Just curious, has anyone in the United States received their copy of "the book" yet? And if so, do you have to be there to sign for it? thanks, -joe
Wow,what a juicy luscious peach! I want to sink my teeth into it's soft velvety skin...
I received my book on Saturday. I did not have to sign for it, but my mailbox is in a secure mailroom in my building. The book is wonderful - such a range. The paintings that you included, Julian, are each different and each STUNNING!!! Thank you!!!!
Beautiful work--but--sorry --I thought it was an apple-- that's what it looks like 2 me!!!
I've had many reports of books arriving in the US but delivery speed seems very hit or miss - the post office said they may take from 4-6 weeks (the books weigh nearly two pounds each). You won't need to sign for it.
I have been enjoying Julian's book for almost a week, and I live at the bottom end of the DownUnder mainland. That's just slightly north of Antarctica. So la Poste is getting through. Without my signature. That microscopic peach fuzz is amazing.
Wonderful superposition! Marvellous tawny sunset,and into the fruit, vaporous waves smashing the rocks; the chiaroscuro effect is so poetic.The peach seems translucent: it reminds me of these small spherical objects called "snow balls" which fascinated me when I was a child (and even... now).
Live in Northeastern US and have not yet seen any evidence of the book. Trying not to be impatient.
live in Boston and got my book last week and didn't need to sign for it--absolutely stunning.
I received my beautiful book last week. Unfortunately, the postman here in the US forced the package into my mailbox by bending it, which broke the spine of the book. And that wasn't easy to do, as the packaging is very stiff and should have been sufficient to protect the contents!The folks at the post office here said "sorry!" and offered me no compensation. (They even had the nerve to suggest that the bending of the package could have occured earlier in the transit process, perhaps on the ship. This is, of course, absurd!) Despite this, the pictures are gorgeous and I am enjoying having so many stunning examples of Julian's work at my fingertips. What a treasure!!!