daily painting titled Persimmon


14cm x 11cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Sunday 4 February, 2007
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FABULOUS!!! Love it! How adorable is this? Great flesh, Julian. And Louis, you finally got a portrait! Do more, please!
Beautiful portrait! Too bad the jpg doesn't do it justice. Not as crisp as your usual shots of your paintings.
OK, I need to say one more thing, and then I'll go away. The eyes on this child are absolutely compelling. You captured his soul, Julian. Bravo, bravo, bravo!
Beautiful, simply beautiful, I agree Merilee, amazing eyes. I love his mouth too.
This study is incredible. Hope we will see the larger painting.
reminds me of robert henri, wow! any thoughts to sell it after the larger painting is complete?
Your light is wonderful. I especially like the way you treated the hair and captured a hint of a smirk, it makes me wonder what is going on in that head of his. Wonderful tones and values used for his flesh. I do wonder if it would hold my attention more if the composition was shifted slightly to have him not be in the center?
What a marvelous"beginning"-as you say. I envy the parents...to have a son this beautiful..to have an artist to capture it!It must be one of your best portraits ever!
Great stuff Julian!! I would love to see more of your portrait work. Did you ever finish "Man in Suit" self portrait?
Oh my goodness, those eyes! I couldn't stop looking. This is absolutely fabulous Julien.
Beautiful! What a talent from God. Sharon
I am in awe - lovely!
WOW! Looks like my kids!
What a nice surprise---seems like everyone loves it--so direct and guileless. Jo Ann
Oh Julian! What a treasure! I actually see two boys in the portrait: a "morphing of a young boy (?4yrs) on the left side into a young man(?18yrs) on the right side. The shadowing, as a result makes the two into a composite of indeterminate age.... it is brilliant and I hope you will make some comment on whether this is an accident of shadowing, or if it is intentional... Thanks, D PS Hope you are related to this handsome young man!
The boy is quite simply amazing. The directness of his gaze and his attitude speak of boys becoming men. Thanks for sharing it.
Count me in with the positive feedback too! Great study. Painterly. Bold strong composition. Nice one Julian.
He is beautiful, and I have been waiting for more of your portraits.....I always feel very lucky to have mine!
What a lovely portrait. I have just been looking back at Yannick (stillives - portraits 2001) and this boy is even more alive. Beautiful.
Had to comment on this one, it's just beautiful. And what a gorgeous boy.
I saw this on my palm yesterday outside a cafe on the way to work. Then it was stunning. Now, full size, it has utterly taken my breath away. Lucien would be proud.
Ruth, by Lucien I don't know if you are referring to Lucian Freud, or someone else, but I have to say, Lucian Freud is my idol - one of the most compelling and genius painters today. I would say that Julian's flesh in this painting is so wonderful that Lucian Freud would indeed be proud.