daily painting titled Le pont d'Avignon

Le pont d'Avignon

18cm x 13cm, oil on panel (approx 7"x5") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 12 September, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


I feel privileged now. I did a couple drawings of the bridge from the exact same location when in Avignon in June!
Julian, nice to see this bridge made famous by that little song that every student of French must learn at some point! I saw the real thing in person in 1997 on my first trip to France. I enjoy now seeing it a second time interpreted by you and your talented brush. Merci!
Hi Julian - this is absolutely lovely! It reminds me of my trip to Avignon last year and drinks with you, Ruth and your Dad after the gig in that amazing wee church xxx to you all Mhairi.
Stunning! The water is gorgeous.
what fun to see it after all these years of knowing the song from first yr French lessons. so fascinating painted by julian rather than just a photo. almost a fairy tale look. thank you as always. gfs
Wow Julian! What a beauty.
So close to Alfred Sisley with his paintings of Moret sur Loing bridge in the sunlight.Then in this peaceful and sunny view,I feel so many soft equivalences of sexual details:erected pointed stone at the top of the roof,curves,straight lines diagonally,dark embrasures and door,virgin sky but confused reflection with two dashes of red into the water...At last,Julian,your signature which seems to belong both to the earth and to the water,as an expression of the Yin and the Yang...A soul is travelling through the air.
Hi Julian, Lovely paintings. How does one find what the painting's final price is? Best susan
Delightful! Your little paintings always open with great joy, which only grows as I continue to view each new one. I am so glad you share them with all of us. Some day I hope to own one of them!
Stunning! And then it becomes ever so personal when you sing the little song - on y danse! I love your paintings - and this is now my favourite :-)
Great picture ,the colours are very realistic ,bright and crisp. Quite wonderful a feast for the eyes, thanks
Today, one of the words which 6 yr old Lucy had to illustrate was "bridge." Of course I show her yours tonight and am now listening to my gradchildren singing that song. These little paintings become intertwined in our lives in countless ways.
Hi Julian, I always look forward to seeing your gems ! This is the best painting I have seen of Le Pont Avion! It was very cleverly designed Congratulations !
That is so interesting to see the bridge from the song we know so well!! amazing! And yes the water is just beautiful,makes you want to dive in.
You did a great job on the water - sometimes a problem for me. The light and the reflections are so good. You make me want to travel there. Thanks, Julian
A feast for all of the senses! Perfectly stunning. Thank you, for this gift in the middle of my hectic day.
LOVE the abstract design, Julian.