daily painting titled Onion, cup and bottle

Onion, cup and bottle

17cm x 13cm, oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 28 March, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


Amazingly observed and painted textures. Interesting viewing angle.
Stunning. I can feel the papery skin of the onion.I especially love the coloring in that center strip.
Of the many things that are so wonderful about your still lives, is that they make one stop and look at ordinary objects in a new way. On this particular one, the coloration of the onion is just fabulous.
Amazing. I've been attempting to paint an onion and it doesn't come close to this. The brittle papery onion skin is beautifully done.
It takes my breath away. A beautiful painting of just an ordinary onion. As Leslee said above, you make us look at the ordinary and really see. Marvelous.
The intensity of this painting is so powerful for such a small painting. Just wonderful.
I love the slash of blue leading to the onion! Another lovely painting.
ooh, that is a harsh light! If I were that onion I would tell you everything I know pretty smartly.
The layering of the onion skin is extraordinary (we can see right through it!) and yes, the point of view is particularly interesting. But I dont see the level on which the onion is sitting. Beautiful blue cup perched somehow above and directing our eye; how is the onion situated? Is it leaning against something? What keeps it in place?
Finding the shadows very opaque on my screen I have lightened a little. Around the highlight on the left,I discovered a wonderful bottle with exquisite hues and light.And the shadow on the onion more transparent I wonder now which is the real picture.
It's a view from obliquely (?) above. The edge of the shelf can be seen in the bottom right— looks vertiginous but that's just the picture plane, it's sitting on a flat horizontal surface.
I've re-photographed it this morning—it was nearly midnight when I photographed it last night. It's possibly a little less dramatic but may help explain the angles and set-up.
I think that this is deceptively difficult to execute in such a small space. Thanks Alain for your comment. It made me 'see'.