daily painting titled Ealy morning, San Giorgio Maggiore

Ealy morning, San Giorgio Maggiore

20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 26 October, 2014
Posted in Landscape paintings


Mojo has returned. stunning!
Loved seeing yr palette and the finished painting even more. Many thanks.
Wow.. julian,this is beautiful!
I am so impressed with your work ethic. This painting is more beautiful than the photo. You must feel very accomplished at this point!
Very nice. Love the reflection! Naples Yellow?? Blessings always, C-Marie
As always with your paintings, Stunning!
The artist maybe painted that scene in a waking dream... The tower looks like a giqantic lighted candle living in the shadows.
I'm so glad to see your paintings again. I have missed seeing them. Enjoy your trip.
You captured the morning light beautifully. Bravo!
Just flooded the kitchen floor, then found your picture Julian....has relieved my life.. Beautiful, thank you Sylvia
I am very impressed with all your daily pictures.What is the secret of your work ethic as I find it very hard sometimes even to drag the paints out of their box !! Keep painting and inspiring us all!! Pete
Dear Julian, had my first chemo infusion today, The hospital seemed full of types ala Hogarth.Nurses and patients alike. Flight of fancy to pass the time. To escape my depressing surroundings and bring the dread down a few notches,I scrabbled for the phone to see your latest, turned out to be the Venice of my dreams!Venice beckoning,with the magical surge of the tides bringing us closer to the very heart of her. Iridescent lagoon, melting horizon,wonderful! Fellow commentators, how does this painter evoke such deep emotional responses in us? Julian must worship the beauty of his pigments that unfailingly translates into his inspired visions, a brooding, dark still life or a mysterious and timeless landscape! Hope you will never stop,Julian
A magical painting! You are living the dream, Julien! A sincere thank you for sharing your enviable talent.
lovely morning light on the water front. Beautiful work !